Jobvite: Staffing Software for a New Generation

Before I begin, let me go on record by stating that I have no affiliation with Jobvite, or for that matter, any other applicant tracking or staffing software system. Nor does ContractRecruiter. I just call it like I see it, for better or for worse, and this review happened to come out decidedly for the better.

Okay, now that you know that this review is unbiased and legit, let’s dig in to Jobvite’s staffing software solution.

Staffing SoftwareJobvite started in 2003 as a unique social media employee referral and job announcement system and has grown into a comprehensive staffing software system, complete with applicant tracking, recruiter CRM, and social recruiting software modules. It is billed as an “easy-to-use, modular Software-as-a-Service platform” that lets you easily produce referral hires, improve the speed and quality of hires, create a positive candidate experience and reduce recruiting costs by using fewer resources. Central to the Jobvite staffing software system is the Jobvite, a job invitation users share with contacts in Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter simultaneously. Anyone can send Jobvites to specific contacts or by publishing to everyone. Jobvite’s modules are Jobvite Refer, Jobvite Engage, and Jobvite Hire, developed for different recruiting needs: employee referrals, candidate relationship management, and a total staffing software hiring solution.
Jobvite Refer

Jobvite Refer is an employee referral solution using the power of social media. Users can send Jobvites, use Facebook apps, publish openings to social media, and use analytics and reporting tools. This software staffing module encourages employees to refer your openings to their social networks, and allows you to see which employees refer the most qualified prospects to reward them, create and schedule reports on referrals and hiring rates, and integrates Jobvite. Refer with your applicant tracking system. The Jobvite Refer staffing software module is for employers who are happy with their applicant tracking system and want to quickly and easily implement an effective employee referral system that integrates social media without creating one themselves or using a manual staffing software system.

Jobvite Engage

Jobvite Engage is a sourcing management system that enables users to manage recruiting campaigns across social media and integrate candidate information with their applicant tracking system. Its centralized search technology eliminates repetitive searches and allows scoring and ranking of matching results. This staffing software module includes talent search and capture, social recruiting, Facebook applications, candidate relationship management, campaign management, recruiting intelligence, reporting, and applicant tracking system integration. Recruiters are equipped with search agents, applications that let employees invite their Facebook connections and imports prospects, campaign and customer relationship management, with real-time metrics to measure sourcing efforts, and easy reporting capabilities. Jobvite’s staffing software suite also includes a Facebook application, called “Work With Us,” which allows employees to sync with your company’s job openings and share them quickly and easily with their own networks for referrals. Automated Jobvite Twitter channels automatically send your Jobvites to Jobvite Twitter channels as soon as they’re created. This is a staffing software module that focuses on quick and easy candidate sourcing through social media for employers and recruiters who want an easy-to-use way to develop and track candidates.

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Jobvite Hire

Jobvite Hire is a total staffing software hiring solution that enables users to track applicants from requisition to hire with a single sign-on. It incorporates applicant tracking, email and productivity, social recruiting and employee referrals, recruitment marketing, career sites, recruiting intelligence and reporting. Recruiters have access to requisition management, interview management, approval workflow, offer letter automation, and HRIS integration. Recruiting intelligence includes match to company branding, custom dashboards, real-time candidate source metrics, custom application and screening forms and LinkedIn profiles integration. Jobvite Hire is a complete social media recruiting integration system for employers that want a wider reach than their current capabilities. This staffing software module is for employers or recruiters who want to replace their current applicant tracking system with a next-level product that includes social media recruiting capabilities and wide-scale efficiencies.

Jobvite’s focus on social recruiting helps employers and recruiters quickly and easily integrate social media into their recruiting processes and eliminate redundancies and time-consuming recruiting tasks and activities. Their staffing software platform is changing the way recruiting is done, saving time and money and improving the quality of recruiting efforts and results. They offer custom demos to introduce their products to customers and are currently conducting their customer education tour Recruiters Rock 2013 Roadshow, a cross-country event with dates in Boston, New York, Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Staffing software? Well, yes. But it’s not your grandma’s applicant tracking system. Jobvite is part a new generation of staffing software that integrates many different components, including social recruiting, into one powerful system. Many companies like ContractRecruiter are impressed, and that doesn’t happen very often.

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