List Building

Hiring top talent starts with researching, sourcing and building a list of quality candidates. List creation of qualified candidates is one of the most effective techniques for any talent acquisition strategy. But when your team's bandwidth and resources are limited, it's a challenge to find time to source candidates and curate a list of the best people for the job.

At ContractRecruiter, we offer a unique, team-based approach to candidate sourcing and recruiting. Our hybrid model harnesses the power of an RPO along with the flexibility of working with a contract recruiter as an extension of your staff. We'll give you access to the talent you need, when you need it.

How We Build Candidate Lists

ContractRecruiter uses a variety of research tools and platforms to build lists of on-target candidates. Our experienced team will focus on filling your hard-to-fill positions by finding the right candidates for you to review.

Deep Technology Stack

We have state-of-the art sourcing tools and technology that allow us to find profiles of both active and passive candidates, and curate highly relevant lists.

Boost Your Team's Efficiency

Increase your internal recruiting team's ability to reach out to candidates for hard-to-fill positions by allowing us to provide lists of passive candidates.

Leverage Contact Information

We use social research tools that give us the ability to enrich our lists with contact information, including personal email addresses and telephone numbers.

Why Partner With ContractRecruiter

At ContractRecruiter, we are fully aligned with your hiring goals and priorities.  As a seamless extension of your staff, we work collaboratively to understand your requirements and employ best practices plus an advanced technology stack to achieve sourcing success.

Unlike other staffing firms, we offer a practical, on-demand service model that's entirely pay-as-you-go. You'll enjoy instant-on/instant-off access to effective talent acquisition strategies — without paying placement fees or being locked into a long-term commitment.

Here are the benefits of partnering with ContractRecruiter:

- Scalability: We can scale up or down to handle the ebbs and flows of your hiring needs.

- Cost: We provide a simple pricing structure and do not charge placement fees.

- Quality: We value quality over quantity of candidates.

- Speed: We offer a lower time-to-fill than most other external recruitment companies.

Want to learn more about what makes ContractRecruiter different? Read what our customers have to say.

Robust Social Sourcing Toolkit

We employ a variety of sourcing and research tools to identify and nurture the best candidates for hard-to-fill roles.


Our simple rate structure

ContractRecruiter combines the resources of an RPO with the flexibility of a contract recruiter. As a result, we're more agile, responsive and simple to work with than a traditional RPO, staffing firm, or lone contract recruiter.

You pay a fixed hourly rate

We never charge placement fees.

Never any long-term contracts

Our on-demand model makes it fast and easy to start and stop services as needed.

Flexible and scalable

Our on-demand model makes it fast and easy to start and stop services as needed.

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