What Makes Us Different

On your team, on-demand.

When you need to augment your recruiting team, nothing is as effective as a contract recruiter. As contract recruiters, we know how to work as a seamless extension of you and your staff; we understand the importance of using company messaging and branding to attract and engage passive candidates; we know how to employ best practices in candidate care to enhance your reputation as an employer of choice; and we value candidate quality over quantity.

Managed Recruiting Solutions

You can eliminate pressing hiring challenges and keep up with your company's growing recruitment needs when you choose ContractRecruiter as your contract recruiting firm. As a unique cross between a contract recruiter and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) provider, we offer a more effective and scalable means of hiring talent.

Through our simple structure, you'll pay a fixed hourly rate, which covers a recruiter, sourcers and a delivery manager. We don't lock you into long-term contracts — with us, you pay for the services you need for as long as you need them.

When you sign on with us for managed contract recruiting services, you can expect:

  • Full-life-cycle recruiting: Your dedicated team will handle everything from sourcing and screening to interview coordination and final candidate dispositioning.
  • Local sourcing: All of our contract recruiters and sourcers are W2 employees located in the U.S.
  • Passive candidate specialization: We use our Sourcing Playbooks to find passive candidates to occupy your most hard-to-fill positions.

What Is a Contract Recruiter?

Contract recruiters are consultants who work on a contractual basis to help companies source, vet and communicate with job candidates. These individuals are qualified to fill any position within an organization, including a recruiting manager, and can hire multiple individuals at once. There are two primary types of contract recruiters — those who place candidates in permanent positions and those who specialize in contract or temporary positions.

Contract recruiters are responsible for attracting and engaging highly qualified candidates for their client companies in a short timeframe. To make the best possible hiring decisions, these recruiting professionals must be well-versed in various industries and be up-to-date with market trends.

Benefits of ContractRecruiter

When you book contract recruiting services from ContractRecruiter, you can expect the following advantages for your organization:

  • Flexibility: You can add or remove contract recruiters from your team according to your changing needs.
  • Scalability: We can scale our services to accommodate any sudden hiring surges you may face.
  • Cost-efficiency: Our simple pricing structure is considerably less expensive than contingency staffing firms that charge placement fees.
  • Bilingual recruiters: We have recruiters available who speak multiple languages.
  • National hiring: Our remote hiring capabilities enable us to source candidates nationally.

We’re ContractRecruiter — Your Teammates

We produce results faster and more affordably. Here’s how.

We give you instant access to seasoned U.S. contract recruiters when you have urgent hiring needs

Our model allows you to leverage the power of an entire plug ‘n play recruiting team, including a dedicated contract recruiter, sourcers, and a delivery manager

ContractRecruiter operates with a simple model that eliminates the costs, complexities and commitments of traditional contingency staffing firms and RPO’s

Our team delivers optimum ROI with robust processes, recruiting tools and a highly accountable “pay for performance” service model

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