34330136_sWith 90 percent of American adults carrying a cell phone, and more than half of those using a smart phone, no one can ignore the power and value of mobile technology. 70 percent of those cell phone users are on their phones to get information, look up sports scores, or solve problems, including looking for a job. Mobile recruiting is especially important in today’s hyper-competitive job market, where employers need to be where the candidates are. That means mobile recruiting strategies and an active social media presence according to Skywater Search founding partner Paul Beard.

Mobile recruiting strategies aren’t just for the employer’s benefit. They also enable candidates to respond quickly and often on the spot to employment ads and recruiter inquiries, getting them closer to a new job much faster than ever before. By shortening the recruiting and hiring process significantly, you no longer have to worry about losing candidates by taking too long to interview candidates or get back to them or make them complete a difficult and lengthy online application.

Three of the most effective mobile recruiting strategies include having a mobile-friendly website, getting back to candidates immediately in electronic form, and using mobile video interviews.


Make It Mobile-Friendly

Long before candidates apply to your company for a position, they will visit your website. Having a mobile-friendly website as part of mobile recruiting strategies means a competitive advantage. CareerBuilder reports that more than three quarters of candidates use the company’s website to research potential employers. A recruiting site that is easy to navigate and reflects your employment brand accurately is one of the best ways to keep interested candidates engaged in the recruiting process. Avoid losing candidates with mobile recruiting strategies that include a mobile-friendly career site and a streamlined, straightforward candidate experience.

When your site has responsive design (content that adjusts to fit the screens of users’ devices), at least on your career page, your recruiting information is more likely to be seen by participants. The pages should be attractive and easy to read on smart phones and tablets, with an easy application process, to ensure you are engaging candidates instead of driving them away.


Contact Candidates Immediately

A formal letter requesting an interview just doesn’t have the impact on today’s candidates as it did 20 years ago. Mobile recruiting strategies have replaced that correspondence. Emails, text message, instant messaging, and social media have raised everyone’s expectations for contacts and communication.

That makes it very important to email, text, or contact applicants some other way as soon as they send their resume or inquiry. One to two days is the outer limit of time to contact applicants when they apply to acknowledge their interest and schedule an interview, according to Bullhorn, One caveat to this: have applicants opt-in to receiving texts or instant messaging that may generate phone service fees for them. That doesn’t preclude calling them back regarding their interest, which is another way to reach out to them quickly after they visit your site.


Mobile Video Interviews

Most phones today have video technology that makes it easy to interview candidates without bringing them into the office. You can use video interviewing to interview candidates in other cities, states, and countries without paying for travel and accommodations, extending your recruiting reach without adding to the cost. Better access to more candidates with the nearest mobile device helps you better screen and get to know candidates before more fully investing in them before hiring.

One big advantage of making video interviews part of your mobile recruiting strategies is better access to passive candidates who are not actively interviewing. These candidates aren’t interested in traveling to employers for interviews because they aren’t even looking to change employers. But they may not be too hard to convince to take a video interview from the convenience of their smart phone on their lunch break to explore career possibilities. Skype, Google+ Hangouts video conferencing, OoVoo, and other video conferencing options make interviews faster, easier, and more accessible than ever.

Every candidate counts for employers today, and it’s too easy to lose the talent you need with a poor candidate experience or to more candidate-friendly competitor employers. Mobile recruiting strategies give your company the edge when you need to build a productive workforce.

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