11356728_sIn today’s digitally connected world, recruiting in 2015 and beyond means recruiting online. But it is much more than just creating an online application process. Finding the right candidates for your company’s job openings means attention to details that create a competitive advantage in recruiting.

The Internet benefits employers and job seekers in the recruiting and job search arena. Before the advent of job boards in the 90s, employers had limited access to candidates, but today’s job openings posted online are accessible to candidates anytime, anywhere.  Candidates can get all the details about employers, and employers can get to know candidates long before the interview through their social media profiles, online activities, and personal brand.

The internet connects recruiters and job seekers more quickly and easily than ever before, but there are still challenges that talent managers need to manage for the most efficient, successful hiring outcomes. Online recruiting strategy has to include social media, compelling stories, and a clear candidate experience.


Make It Social

Using social media for recruiting means even more candidate availability by putting job openings and applications in social networks where candidates spend their time. Social media platforms give employers new channels to promote their job openings and get candidates to visit their websites, creating recruiting transparency and improving candidate experience. Employers need an easier, more engaging application process. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter integrated with company career pages provide candidates a direct line to job openings and information about potential employers in an entertaining, positive way.

Employers have to include social media in online recruiting to be able to compete for the top talent they need. Microsoft understood this when the company changed its career site to improve recruiting results by integrating LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and blogging to attract more candidates. These changes improved their hiring success by 300 percent.


Tell Your Story

Social media for online recruiting, along with an easy-to-use website to post jobs and accept applications, enables employers to tell their companies’ stories in a more engaging way than ever before. Company Facebook pages let employers engage candidates and drive recruitment interactively with likes, comments, and shared content. Telling stories about what it’s like to work at your company, talking about corporate culture, mission and vision, and posting entertaining pictures and videos has a much wider impact than the traditional application and interview process.

Browse eBooks

With the Baby Boomer generation leaving the workforce and the Millennials entering, successful recruitment depends on social interactions. Being able to learn about the company brand and see how employees work and are treated by the company engages candidates and encourages them to want to find out more or apply even when there aren’t any jobs posted.


Create a Clear Candidate Experience

Implementing an online recruiting strategy has to include an easier application process in an easy-to-navigate candidate experience. You don’t want candidates to get frustrated by job openings that are buried or an application process that requires them to spend a lot of time registering, creating usernames and passwords, and searching with complicated parameters. Streamlining access to your employment information motivates candidates to want to work for your company.

Make it easy for visitors to your company website to find and apply for jobs, get guidance on employment opportunities, and learn about what it’s like to work there. Don’t lose candidates with a long process or lose the opportunity to welcome them. Take a cue from the companies recognized by CareerBuilder’s Excellence in Applicant Experience, Baptist Memorial Health Care, MB Financial Bank, and Shell Oil. These companies acknowledge every applicant, have user-friendly career sites, and work hard to create great first impressions.

With the sheer volume of applicants that today’s recruiting generates, having an effective online recruiting strategy is vital to managing applicants and getting successful hiring outcomes. Talent Board research shows that more than 40 percent of candidates report that company values influence their decision to apply, making online strategy that communicates your company values is so important. The Internet has given employers the ability to recruit globally, but the right online strategy greatly improves recruiting quality and efficiency.


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