With the Great Depression becoming a thing of the past, many companies are anticipating a busy hiring season ahead. However, internal HR teams are facing some challenges when trying to recruit top level candidates, even while there are above-average unemployment numbers in the USA and abroad. These challenges include: oversaturation of the unskilled labor market, spotty or limited candidate job histories, and difficulty finding specialized skillsets, among others.

To offset these challenges, organizations are moving towards outsourcing their recruitment functions by partnering with recruiting on demand agencies. On demand recruitment teams provide access to tools and resources that help a business grow strategically with quality candidates who can get the job done well. In most cases, it’s a far more efficient and cost-effective method of managing staffing needs.

Steps for Making the Most of Recruiting on Demand

In order to fully maximize your ROI, here are some steps for successful hiring using recruiting on demand.

Communicate your full organizational background, goals and needs.

While you can bet there will be recruiters who have worked in your industry for a long time, particularly if you are using an on demand recruitment team, you will get better results if you take the time to introduce your assigned recruiter to your company history, industry specializations, and your overall growth and staffing goals. Make sure you also discuss any budgetary concerns upfront, as well as provide timelines for staffing projects to meet deadlines.

Define job skills, corporate culture, and requirements of each assignment.

In order to facilitate the placement of the best candidates, you will also need to communicate the critical job skills and requirements of each assignment. For example, there may be special licenses needed to comply with laws in your industry. Also, consider how important cultural fit is to your company and convey this to your on demand recruiter.

Provide clearly written job descriptions and salary information to the recruiter.

Take the time to update your written job descriptions, as well as base salary schedules. This information can be invaluable when it comes time for the recruitment team to find the right skillsets and to negotiate salaries with candidates.

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Work with the on demand recruiters on a regular basis to speed up learning curve.

Remember, it can take a few days to a few weeks for a new on demand recruitment team to fully understand your business needs. Be patient, and keep the doors of communication open by explaining your needs and giving feedback often.

Promptly respond to sourced candidates, and resumes received.

When you start receiving candidate information from the on demand recruiter, these are well-vetted folks who may be a good fit for your business. However, other companies are also trying to get these candidates too, so you’ll want to promptly respond to interview requests and coordinate all hiring actions through your recruiter.

Update your recruiter on interviews and project changes.

If you have a change in a staffing need, be sure to communicate this to your recruiter as soon as possible. In this way, the on demand recruitment team can provide you with customized and flexible recruiting services.

Educate the recruiter about your technology and the onboarding process.

It’s very common for organizations to have their own internal processes for recruiting, hiring, and onboarding new hires. Allow your on demand recruiter to integrate with your current systems, for a seamless hiring experience. Positive candidate experiences can result in more successful hires and long-term retention, which ultimately benefit your business.


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