Recruiting Strategies for Small or Mid-Size Companies

Some companies rely on human resources to recruit new employees. Others use employment agencies or recruitment process outsourcing firms. But any small or mid-size company that is growing can learn from the recruiting strategies of larger and well-known businesses.

Hewlett-Packard – Recruiting Technology

Hewlett-Packard has had a global HR strategy and has been using HR technology for two decades. Today it has a global HR self-service model integrated with its @HP portal, with recruitment included for almost 150,000 employees in 178 countries. Global staffing was implemented to support consistent staffing worldwide, and provides the flexibility needed by a global employer.

Hewlett-Packard’s recruiting strategies include a staffing methodology supported by a global leadership team and the use of technology in the specific recruitment areas of diversity recruitment, university recruitment, intern recruitment, and experienced candidate recruitment.

PacifiCare – Employer Branding

PacifiCare is one of few health care industry companies to use employment branding in its recruiting strategies. It has a formally managed employer brand integrated with its core business strategy. As a result, more than 80 percent of candidates who interview have a positive impression of PacifiCare as a good employer.

PacifiCare’s recruiting strategies best practices include full-time HR staff working in the branding and talent acquisition departments and surveying candidates about candidate experience for insight into how to improve recruiting processes.

Deloitte – Corporate Careers Website

Deloitte is a leader in recruiting and retention, and today has a global careers website focused on candidate experience. Deloitte uses marketing and technology on its career site to serve candidates around the world with 80 country-specific recruiting strategies, a consistent brand message in 10 languages, and localization and personalization engines for relevant content delivery.

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Deloitte’s recruiting strategies include:

  • Target audience research with students and experienced professionals and ongoing candidate surveys and focus groups
  • Localization and customization technologies supported by research to ensure that candidates receive information relevant to their specific needs.
  • Employment brand measurement and robust analytics to fully monitor and measure recruiting activity and communications through the site.
  • Various presentation formats including text, video clips, and dynamic videos
  • Rewards for referring even if no hire results.

Quicken Loans – Employee Referral Program

Quicken loan’s aggressive recruiting team focuses recruiting strategies on sales and marketing with an advanced employee referral program that generates 61 percent of hires each month. The program creates a referral experience that uses creative approaches, is frequently refreshed, and extensively promoted to drive participation.

Quicken Loan’s recruiting strategies best practices for the employee referral program include:

  • Live contact within 48 hours of receipt
  • Keeping referrers informed throughout each step of the referral process
  • Using highly branded contests with unique prizes
  • Internal surveys and focus groups for continuous improvement
  • Training for employees about how to make better referrals
  • Process and retention metrics to track source, quality of hire, and cost per hire
  • Referral bonuses grossed to cover taxes
  • Extensive e-mail marketing to educate employees on hiring needs and drive referrals.

Whirlpool – College Recruiting

Whirlpool’s university recruiting program was designed to produce a talent pipeline of candidates for mid-level management candidates for its Whirlpool Leadership Development Program. Participants receive a senior-level mentor and systematic feedback, tiered compensation, and a defined career path.

Whirlpool’s recruiting strategies best practices for college recruiting include calling out negative perceptions of their college recruiting, including celebrity Ben Stein (used in brand identity) in recruitment communications, highly visible recruiting events at target schools, and highly selective mentor program with follow-up.

While you may not be able to implement all of these recruiting strategies in your organization, you might recognize some gaps in your recruiting that would benefit from doing things the way these larger organizations do.

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