Relevant education and experience and a professional appearance are expected of candidates, but recruiters hiring to build a team or looking for key employees to help build a company should follow these additional recruiting tips.

With technology and social media, recruiters can get a good picture of a candidate’s background, work history, personal and career interests, and lifestyles. The candidate’s presentation during recruiting, including on paper, in person, and online, gives recruiters further insight into potential hires. Look for these indicators for what should impress you in a candidate.
Here are 5 specific recruiting tips to keep in mind when evaluating candidates:

Personal Brand

Candidates who carefully prepare a cohesive personal brand that pulls all of their job search documents together into a coordinated package demonstrate an understanding of how they want to present themselves. They also show that they have the knowledge, desire and ability to control their image for job search purposes, and the determination and consistency to craft an important message to potential employers: what they can do for their companies. Branding items such as matching headlines or career statements in cover letters, resumes, and email communications, and unified look to font, typestyle and size, and document format for all written and digital communications show a candidate with focus and attention to detail.

Communication Style

A candidate’s communication style is an important indicator in the selection process. Look for written, verbal, and digital communications that are clearly focused and well executed with confidence. Timely and appropriate follow up by phone and email indicate a respect for others’ time as well as a strong interest in the job and building a relationship. Observe candidate demeanor during the interview, including attitude and opinions, for another clue to communication style. Ideal candidates are open and friendly, conservative and business-like, or relaxed but alert during interactions. There are entire books with recruiting tips devoted solely to body language and communication queues; a little research and knowledge can go a long way.

Creative Interview Presentations

Look at creative interview presentations that demonstrate and highlight a candidate’s communication and technology skills. Employment portfolios with documents such as recent letters of recommendation and awards, a video resume, or relevant, professional work samples on a CD, flash drive, or website show an advanced level of presentation and communication skills with wide-ranging applications for employers.

Social Media Profile

An article with recruiting tips wouldn’t be complete without discussing Social Media. Although it’s best to use caution with candidate social media profiles and not make hiring decisions dependent on information in them, social media profiles can reveal a candidate’s professionalism and communication and presentation skills. Look for candidates with professional social media profiles that match resumes and applications with no inconsistencies. A clear social media profile with experience and background information presented in a professional way demonstrates candidates who understand the importance of presenting and managing their reputation. Candidate social media profiles can give recruiters a picture of their personality, organizational fit, creativity, communication and technology skills, and networking skills. Impressive candidates have taken the time and made the effort to work on a clean, clear social media profile and build an effective online presence.

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Accomplishments that Match Job Description Essential Functions

Candidate accomplishments that match many of the essential functions of the job description indicate experience and success in the type of work expected. This is important when looking for team members who can step into a role and be productive and start contributing immediately, or who can coach or be a role model in a team environment.

There are so many recruiting tips out there – these are just a few to keep in mind when evaluating candidates.

Have some favorite recruiting tips of your own? Please share – we would love to hear from you!

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