Recruiting Tips to Create a Stellar Talent Pool

Instead of using recruiting tips from the past, recruiters need to tap into innovative recruiting tips that are relevant to today’s environment.

At a HR office in Huntsville, Alabama, a recruiter is sitting at her desk with a stack of requisitions for Senior Level Management positions. There are at least 7 vacancies that need to be filled in the next couple of weeks, and these positions require Secret Clearances. How is this recruiter going to fill these 7 positions that carry a 6 figure salary in a 2 week time period? If you were sitting in front of this recruiter, what recruiting tips could you offer this frazzled soul. This recruiter wishes she would have paid attention to some of the recruiting tips offered at the recent SHRM conference.

This recruiter is already at a disadvantage because she has not created a talent pool. No, this recruiter prefers the traditional methods of recruiting. She gets a requisition, and she finds an employee. This approach is no longer effective in today’s volatile business environment. The goal should be finding the right talent for the business. The recruiting process is so much more than simply finding a candidate to plug into the position. Instead of following recruiting tips from the past, this recruiter needs to tap into innovative recruiting tips that are relevant to today’s economy and business environment.

Rolling with the Waves of Change

Competition in this current economy is fierce, so organizations that want to stay on the cutting edge must have the right talent in place. Job candidates today are different than any other generation of job seekers. This generation of job seekers is demanding: they want flexible schedules and project based work. The traditional 9-5 schedule is almost obsolete, so if you want to successfully recruit the best talent, your organization must be ready to adapt to the changing workforce. Almost all human resources literature produced today will include recruiting tips that emphasize the importance of an organization adapting to the changing times.

Job seekers approach the job search process differently these days. The best job candidates want to be able to shop for a job. They are looking for a job search experience that is simple and straightforward. The best and brightest candidates are not going to take the time to navigate difficult job applications. Your organization should study consumer marketing to determine what the best practices are in the consumer world. Oftentimes, what works for online shopping can positively influence your organization’s recruiting process.

Schedule a Call

It’s to Connect with Social

One of the best recruiting tips for a recruiter is to harness the power of social media. In our current world, social media reigns supreme. Recruiters must tap into this innovative approach to recruiting. Social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other platforms make it easier to create a talent pool. A recruiter is able to build relationships with potential job candidates over a period of time, so when a requisition comes in, a recruiter might already have a candidate in mind.

Once you have found job candidates to fill requisitions, you still have many more hills to climb. As a recruiter, some of the traditional recruiting tips are still relevant. For instance, if you see red flags when dealing with a particular candidate, don’t simply ignore them. The tried and true cross checking the resume is still important. It is so easy for a candidate to lie about education, experience, and other vital information.

Another important recruiting tip is to rely on your gut when dealing with a potential job candidate. A difficult job candidate may be a sign of a potentially difficult employee. In addition, it is important to pay attention to how this potential employee respects time. A person that is late calling or meeting in person is a cause for concern. Regardless of how great their credentials may be, it is important to pay attention to this glaring red flag. Being a successful recruiter requires a recruiter to combine old recruiting tips with the new to create a cutting edge strategy that will result in an exceptional talent pool.

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