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Dice reports that tech unemployment was 2.5 percent at the end of 2014 and has been declining steadily since the end of 2013. All tech specialties have enjoyed unemployment lower than the national rate even during the worst of the recession, making recruiting for IT very competitive.

Do you understand IT recruiting today? HR and recruiting expert Dr. John Sullivan says there’s been a power shift in the job market from an employer-driven market to a candidate-driven market. He says this is because the unemployment rate has dropped, turnover rates have increased, and employees are changing jobs for more money because companies aren’t raising salaries.

If you need IT candidates and you’re not out there fighting for them, you’re doing it wrong. Finding and engaging IT candidates who are in demand but in short supply means you have to duke it out in the trenches using different and highly effective recruiting practices targeted to the tech crowd.

Detour from Digital with Billboards

When you need technology talent, regular IT recruiting methods, even creative sourcing, won’t be enough. IT candidates, both active and passive, are in demand and enjoy careers in an industry with high salaries and plenty of job opportunities. You need to get their attention.

Do that like the tech firms in Silicon Valley and advertise your openings with billboards in areas with lots of tech talent. Catch them on their morning and afternoon commute with your employment brand and hiring messages high in the sky. Companies including Rocket Fuel and xAd take billboard advertising to the next level and use puzzles for candidates to solve and pre-qualify for interviews.

Know the Candidates

Just Drive Media’s social analyst and marketing strategist Holly Glover says that recruiting tech talent takes knowing technology talk and knowing technology candidate motivators. Knowing the difference between OS, iOS7, and Mac OS X is important when you need to recruit people with specific coding skill sets. Being able to understand and discuss tech skills isn’t easy if you’re not trained yourself, but if you’re not, services like HackerRank and Codility give employers a way to easily assess tech skills.

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Knowing how to find tech talent is just as important as understanding the candidates, but Glover says that knowing what tech candidates want is important to being able to get their attention. Male and female tech candidates want different things from their careers according to LinkedIn’s survey of 1,000 female engineers in the tech industry. Female engineers’ top job priority is good work/life balance while male engineers’ is excellent compensation and benefits. Millenials and Baby Boomers have very different mindsets about work and career. Knowing your candidates helps you better target your recruiting messages and benefits offerings.

Know How to Compete in a Candidate-Driven Market

Dr. John Sullivan says competing in a candidate-driven market requires different recruiting than in an employer-driven market. It requires a strong employer brand to attract candidates who are in high demand, a shift from active to passive recruiting tools, compelling job descriptions, using a mobile platform and employee referrals, and an improved interview process and a shortened hiring process which includes remote interviewing like video interviews.

Competing for tech talent in the 2015 candidate-driven job market is different than other types of IT recruiting. It requires a different focus, strategy, and tools. If you’re not paying attention to these areas of your recruiting strategy and processes, you’re not getting near the IT candidates you need in the 2015 tech job market. Step up your recruiting game today to compete for the IT talent you need.

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