Social Media Recruiting Trends You Need to Try Today

When you need qualified candidates, you’re not limited to LinkedIn for social media recruiting. Look at other social media avenues to apply to your recruiting strategy to expand your reach, improve your hiring success, and speed your time to hire, all while building employer brand and engaging candidates and employees.

These are the top five social media recruiting trends to amplify your recruiting strategy and create a competitive edge.


5 Social Media Recruiting Trends


1. Everyone is on Facebook 

Facebook is the biggest social network in the world with 1.59 billion users each month. Everyone is on Facebook and recruiters should be too – from live video to job posts to interesting content about your company and employees, Facebook’s reach is what you want for your recruiting strategy. Creating a Facebook page for your company’s career site and posting open positions relevant to Facebook groups with the people who have the qualifications you need gets wide social exposure for your openings.

2. Instagram 

Instagram offers new avenues for social media recruiting and employment brand building. Content with images is 650 percent more likely to be viewed, making Instagram a very effective platform for your recruiting message and telling your company story.

The key to successful recruiting on Instagram is content, and that means quality photos. She takes photos around her main themes of coffee, computers, networking, branding, and Recruiting Social with the hashtag #RecruitingLife.

Think about your recruiting process and your company branding. You’ll want to capture that visually with Instagram.

3. Video and Live Video 

Video is the next recruiting medium, and YouTube isn’t the only game in town – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will be the social media platforms to broadcast your recruitment videos. 

Videos get 12 times more shares than texts and links combined. Take a look at some of the best recruiting videos around to get an idea of how to tell your recruitment story with video. Plan a live video of your next recruiting event.

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4. Recruitment Brand Ambassadors

Install employees as recruitment brand ambassadors to leverage social networks and employee experience and engagement.

Brand Ambassador Example

No one does this better than Nokia. The mobile phone manufacturer’s employees are encouraged to speak freely online in social media to engage in conversations to get people interested in the Nokia brand. The company facilitates this with Socialcast, a tool for communication and engagement, enabling everyone from interns to sales staff to executives to share their stories. Nokia is fully invested, using social media for recruiting to source new talent, build talent communities and establish communication with candidates, and to generate recruitment buzz.

You know your employees are on Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and more, so what are you waiting for?

5. Content is King

It’s not enough to just post and tweet your jobs. You also need great content to engage candidates and build an employer brand.

Take it from Deloitte, whose recruiters in the Netherlands produce great content that connects, builds relationships with candidates and talent pools, and drives recruitment marketing. Content get results,  and also saves money.

A strong talent brand significantly reduces recruiting costs and turnover rates, and 76 percent of recruiting organizations plan to increase their budgets for content marketing. What’s your budget for recruiting content marketing?

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