Should a social recruitment strategy be based solely on business growth objectives, or on the unique needs of high performing candidates? As an HR manager or recruiter, how closely tied your social recruitment strategy is to actual candidate satisfaction is something you need to start asking yourself now in order to attract the best talent in 2013.


In a recent survey conducted via LinkedIn, Qualigence International, a global recruitment research organization, revealed that businesses are growing more candidate-focused in their efforts to use social recruiting to attract the best candidates. A lot of focus is going into branding organizations so they can appeal to a higher market of candidates. This includes using social networking as part of an integrated recruitment strategy, and taking steps to treat candidates better from the very start. A recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) method can enhance this effort.

The survey results, as indicated in the infographic above, show clearly that hiring managers are focused on the following going into 2013:

  • 57 percent plan to ramp up social recruiting efforts
  • 17 percent will focus on making more solid placements
  • 17 percent of the hiring managers want higher quality candidates
  • 8 percent are planning both internal and external hiring activities

During the survey, there were also three major problem areas that were brought to light, of which HR managers are taking notice. While these are issues that have long plagued in-house hiring teams, the movement towards RPO and social recruiting to become more candidate-focused can help to correct the following:

  • Lack of respect towards candidates during the application, screening, and interview process
  • Treating all candidates the same despite their unique skillsets and attributes
  • Not having the resources to adequately communicate updates to candidates

While employment growth is expected to be somewhat slow in 2013, in certain industries there will be above average growth, therefore it’s critical to connect with talent using social recruiting resources. An RPO agency can support this more candidate-focused approach with recruiting that’s based on expert use of social networks and proprietary candidate databases.

This effort alone can dramatically improve your company’s ability to vet a higher quality candidate, and treat them well so they will beg to come work for you!

Let’s face it. The world is becoming more transparent every day, due in large part to social networking. Today, there’s a great deal of information available on candidates, for recruiters who are savvy to this medium. It’s not something that the average HR practitioner can learn overnight, nor will the same methods of social recruiting be used across all industries. To best take advantage of social networks for recruiting activities, it’s critical to use a good mix of social sourcing and an experienced recruitment team to get the job done.

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