In today's labor market, competition is at an all-time high, and it can be challenging to find quality candidates and build relationships.

We know how time-consuming and expensive the process of finding top talent can be. That's why ContractRecruiter specializes in scalable, cost-effective passive candidate sourcing.  Our team is made up of experienced sourcers who work seamlessly with your recruiters to find qualified candidates using advanced sourcing tools and best practices for discovery and engagement.

At ContractRecruiter, our hybrid model combines the resources of an RPO with the simplicity of contract recruiters who are fully invested in your success. In this way, we produce results faster and more affordably than a traditional RPO.


Passive candidate sourcing for your hard-to-fill positions.

Increase Your Flow of Candidates

You’ll get more than just a sourcer.  From research and list building, to crafting high response-rate messages, we know how to build robust pipelines.

Advanced Technology Stack

We still do old-school headhunting to find passive candidates, and we use also, and are wizards with, the latest social recruiting tools and platforms.

Passive Candidate Sourcing

We’ll leverage our proprietary DELVR sourcing methodology to find passive candidates for your most challenging positions.

How We Source Candidates

Filling unique positions requires an effective talent sourcing strategy that delivers optimum return on investment (ROI).

Our candidate sourcing services combine state-of-the-art research, tools and engagement to build a robust pipeline.

Part One - Engagement: We'll use your company's messaging to attract interested and available candidates. Our team focuses on engaging talent through highly personalized outreach. 

Part Two - Sourcing Tools: We employ a wide variety of sourcing tools and techniques, including social profile aggregators, Boolean search (X-Ray, Flip and PeelBack), and other deep web mining tools.

Part Three - Research Tools: Initiating communication with your talent list is vital to gauge their interest. It's even more essential when list-building with passive job seekers. Regardless of the methods you choose for outreach, such as phone, text or email, you'll need accurate data to get in front of them.

Part Four - Online Platforms: Stuck on LinkedIn? We use a variety of platforms including SeekOut, Facebook, Meetup, GitHub, and Stack Overflow, SlideShare and many others.

Above all, we bring a sense of urgency to candidate sourcing. Our team will do whatever it takes to help your staff reach its hiring goals through sourcing and engagement built around your needs.

Robust Social Sourcing Toolkit

We use a variety of tools and platforms to find great candidates and boost sourcing success.


Our simple rate structure

You pay a fixed hourly rate

This covers either a part-time or a full-time sourcer, plus a delivery manager.

Never any long-term contracts

You can get the services you need, for only as long as you need them.

Flexible and scalable

Add or remove sourcers from your team real-time as hiring needs ebb and flow.

Better candidates faster

We'll reduce your time-to-fill, with an emphasis on candidate quality.

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