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Dave likes Minecraft, and other Video Staffing Solutions Tales

The competition for talent in the current era of advanced social media recruitment is heating up. Attracting the right people requires video staffing solutions that are relevant to the technologically savvy candidate. If your company fails to project an image of innovation and industry leadership, you may find yourself with a pile of resumes from…

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Staffing Solutions – The Buzz about Video Interviewing

Video interviewing is emerging among staffing solutions as job seekers increasingly use mobile technology and social media to look for jobs. Video InterviewingIn a changing and evolving economy with rapidly developing competitive challenges, employers look for ways to save time and money in their business processes. Staffing solutions are one area where responsiveness, time and…

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Using Video Staffing Solutions to Recruit More Effectively

Imagine being able to not only review the resumes and portfolios of potential candidates, but also being able to present candidates in a virtual face-to-face interview? Alternatively, what if you could provide a syndicated introduction of your company and that of your recruiting clients on the world’s top video social network? The good news is…

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