Replace dull, poorly written job descriptions with better formats, better language, and better design.

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ContractRecruiter.com knows the value of excellent job descriptions. We’ve discussed them in “Do Your Job Descriptions Stink?” and talked about formats and using video. If you have a stack of boring, outdated job descriptions that make candidates run the other way when they read them, you have to do something about them now.

Your job descriptions are an important part of your recruiting process. You need them to describe your positions and what’s expected of the employees in them, but they have to be more than dry words on a piece of paper. They have to be expressive, engaging, and current to sell your positions to today’s candidates. They need active language and personality that matches your company culture. And they definitely need to be in a better format than the old list of Job Title, Essential Functions, and Requirements.

Get Creative with Job Titles

Do you want a customer service representative or would you rather hire an accounts supportocrat like GitHub? If you want creative high performers, that should be reflected in how you describe your jobs. Your job titles should get a candidate’s attention while accurately conveying the expectations of the role.

Describe a Typical Day in the Role

Rather than write about “essential functions,” describe what someone in the role does all day so candidates truly understand the job.

Personalize Job Description Information

Personalize job description information so candidates can picture themselves in the role. Rather than a bullet point list of things like “excellent communication skills,” “detail oriented,” and “flexible and responsive,” use phrases like “You communicate clearly,” “You pay attention to the details,” and “You think on your feet.”

Enhance Job Descriptions with Video

If you’re ready for a new paradigm, transform your paper job descriptions into video job descriptions. If a picture is worth a thousand words, what do you think a video is worth? Video lets you show your workplace and work environment, your current employees, your company culture, and more in the same amount of time it takes to read a piece of paper.


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  1. Robert Gately

    on March 11, 2017 at 6:21 pm

    Although job descriptions are necessary they are less important than what is done after an applicant applies.

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