The Strategic Value of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Talent acquisition has become a strategic planning tool that can create a competitive edge, making corporate recruiting and recruiting services and consultants more important than ever. With businesses spending thousands of dollars per hire on recruiting, the market for recruitment process outsourcing services is growing rapidly with new tools and technologies to offer.

Recruitment process outsourcing firms provide services, data, and technology on demand rather than in the traditional “head hunter” contracted recruiting format.

What Does RPO Do?

Specialized recruitment process outsourcing companies offer a combination of expertise in more than just recruiting. They incorporate social media, branding, and technology to help companies get an edge while competing for talent. Recruitment process outsourcing allows employers to expand their recruiting abilities without adding a large recruiting infrastructure.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing firms can:

  • Develop and place creative and effective employment ads and promotions
  • Manage college and university recruiting
  • Help develop employment branding
  • Source key candidates
  • Screen, reference check, perform pre-hire assessments
  • Develop interview processes
  • Develop candidate experience
  • Measure the recruiting process and focus it on speed and quality

Using recruitment process outsourcing services enables any size employer to compete with world-class recruiting companies for top talent.

Why Use Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Employers use recruitment process outsourcing because recruitment has become difficult, complex, and strategic with the advances in technology and social media. It has changed from a sales process of selling the candidates on the company into a more complex value proposition in which employers must engage candidates in order to attract, hire, and retain top talent needed to build successful and profitable businesses.

The ubiquitous use of social media has changed the way people interact and exchange information, and has made it easier for candidates to research employers, career paths, jobs, and work environments. The same way employers have access to a much wider candidate pool, the candidates have access to much more information about career opportunities. Appealing to the types of candidates who have the skills and qualifications employers need is not as easy as placing an employment ad and interviewing applicants anymore. Hiring great people is necessary to develop great companies, and recruitment process outsourcing firms focus on finding and hiring the right people.

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RPO Services Marketplace

The RPO market includes different categories of providers, including executive search firms, staffing firms, and high-value recruitment process outsourcing services or customized recruitment services companies.

Executive search firms have been impacted by advances in social media for sourcing and recruiting at the executive level. Top executives are more accessible and transparent now than they ever were and executive search firms are competing with corporate recruiters and RPO firms for clients. They must provide even more value to their processes to attract clients.

Contingency-based staffing firms provide sourcing and recruiting services but perform best for transactional and temporary services. Their value may be limited when there is a need to scale up hiring for multiple positions when employers need to add new departments, staff up big projects, or add new lines of business.

High-value RPO services provide any part of the recruitment process that employers need faster and less expensively than internal staff can perform. They can work onsite with employer staff, work virtually to provide hiring managers screened and vetted qualified candidates to interview, or any other recruiting services needed.

The real value of recruitment process outsourcing services is in their scalability and deep integration with businesses they serve. RPO firms can integrate their services with client websites, staffing teams, and management infrastructure to provide recruiting value and advantage. Recruitment process outsourcing can provide the candidates, services, and recruiting expertise that allows employers to compete on a wider playing field to hire top talent.

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    The reason RPO providers are so effective at reducing time-to-fill is a combination of their industry expertise, technology and recruiting acumen.

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