Company culture is an important factor in recruiting success today. ContractRecruiter has discussed culture fit in posts like “A Beginner’s Guide to Culture Fit” and “Do Your Recruiting Solutions Address Culture Fit?” Your company culture can be a real attraction for candidates or it can be a big liability if it is lacking. Take a look at some of these compelling and engaging company culture and recruitment videos. Does your company have a recruitment video or series of videos? Note how each of the following videos conveys the spirit, flavor, emotion, and overall sense of the company while conveying important information to candidates.

Examples of Company Culture Videos

Zappos!: Internet shoe and apparel retailer Zappos! draws candidates into its culture in this video by using employees, managers, and CEO Tony Hsieh to describe and explain core values and illustrate the Zappos! work environment. Notice the stuffed pink unicorn in the testimonials and the sense of fun and quirkiness it represents, even while core values are discussed. What icon would you put in your culture video?

Google: Google Chicago’s company culture fit video uses one of their products, Google Hangouts, and their engineers to discuss engineering at Google. They discuss the early days of Google Chicago, how they came to their positions, what they’ve worked on, and how and why they like their work and the company. Could your employees speak this compellingly about their work and your business?

Zendesk: From the saluter to the smiler, to the views from Zendesk’s offices in San Francisco, Zendesk takes you throughout their employees’ experience with their company, including Firewitch, the company fish. They show a typical desk, work teams, salted licorice, an elevator, pop up office, their product, their employee population at the start and now, and their employees, who they describe as “interesting”. Could you capture the essence of your culture, employees, and products in an engaging short video?

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Twitter: Twitter’s culture fit recruiting video uses a tongue-in-cheek approach to describe their positions, showcase their work environment, and perks and benefits. Their description of Twitter as a company that’s changing the world and invitation to join the flock create a positive and upbeat, welcoming message. What message would your recruitment video create?

Sephora: Sephora’s latest recruitment video shows their recruitment officer speaking in French, describing the type of people they are looking for and how they can apply, and how to handle the application process. It’s a thorough overview of how to approach the company for a job and what working there is like and captures the spirit of the culture. Their 2013 recruitment video describes the company as a cool place to work and invites candidates to “come sephorize the world with us”, showcasing the company’s social media. Sephora’s recruitment videos target a younger demographic speaking their language and using technology to reach them. Is your recruitment video this finely targeted to your candidate audience?

KPMG: KPMG has a YouTube channel dedicated to recruiting videos to stay within easy reach of candidates interested in working for them. They use their employees to describe their work experience and introduce the company’s emotional service ethic and history and engaging work locations including New York, London, Denver, and Paris. The [email protected] series uses the employees’ testimonials to personalize and add emotion to their recruiting message, helping candidates picture themselves working for KPMG.

How can your company culture video help candidates imagine themselves working for your business?

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