Recruitment strategies used to be very expensive. Can you believe it used to cost almost $20,000 to place an employment ad in the classified section of the big city Sunday paper? And forget about the cost of producing a commercial for recruiting. Most jobs were advertised in the classified section of the local paper. Headhunters burned up the phone lines and went on-Recruitment Strategies,campus at graduation time.

Then came the Internet with Usenet groups and niche forums that turned into online job boards in the early 90s. “You have mail” from AOL was a novelty that evolved into the ubiquitous communication tool it is today. Recruitment strategies changed, and the associated costs went down.

Now almost everyone has email and/or a mobile device, many with cameras and video capabilities for watching and recording. Anyone and everyone can catch great video footage or plan effective video shoots to add to their recruitment strategies.

Quick Quiz

1. How many hours of video are watched on YouTube every month?

2. YouTube now reaches more _____________ than any television cable network.

3. What does this mean to you and your talent team?


1. over 6 billion

2. adults ages 18-34

3. opportunity


Google (who owns YouTube) has received over 2.2 million views of their career YouTube channel, “Life At Google”. Wouldn’t you like to get 2.2 million eyeballs on your job openings, employer brand, and work environment infomercials? Video is a great addition to anyone’s recruitment strategies.

The goal for recruiting videos is to get as much traffic to your videos as possible to reach as wide an audience as you can and to rank high in the search engines when someone searches for a job, industry, or company.

You can look forward to the following when you use YouTube recruitment strategies:

  • ou can link all of your social media pages to your YouTube channel and vice versa.
  • You get additional content for your regular career page on your company website or on any other job board where you have a presence.
  • When cold calling, you can send a potential lead to your YouTube channel to learn more about your company.
  • You get to showcase any aspect of your company, your products, your employees or your company culture that YOU wish to project.

Do your recruitment strategies include YouTube? If not, WHY?

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Start taking advantage of this GREAT recruiting tool today. Read on to find out how.

A Little Planning Goes a Long Way

You pretty much have unlimited possibilities with YouTube videos, but it is a good idea to plan before you begin.

  • What’s Your Message? Decide what message you want to send and what you want the viewer to take away from the video.
  • Use your employer brand. If your company has a great culture and benefits, display it in your videos. Use your company’s best attributes and present them to your audience.
  • Use a checklist. Create a list of objectives, messages and topics that you wish to communicate to candidates.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Video Introduction and Invitation – Use company executives to record an introduction and invitation to applicants. Script it or let executives be more casual and speak freely.

2. Overview Benefits and Perks – Shoot a video where the benefits manager or human resources coordinator gives an overview of employee benefits and company perks. Include shots of the onsite fitness center, healthy cafeteria, subsidized daycare, or any special attractions.

3. Company Tour – Take candidates on a video tour of your company, stopping at various points to talk to managers and employees for brief promos.

4. Top Performers Testimonials – Get brief testimonials from your company’s top performers, letting them talk about their jobs, why they chose to work for the company, and what they’ve achieved since they started working there.

5. Company Events – Video your company events, such as annual picnics, holiday parties, training sessions, or charitable events to put on YouTube to show the fun side of your company culture.

Budget Considerations

Enhancing your recruitment strategies with YouTube videos can be no cost if informally produced with smart phone video footage, or as much as you want to spend with professional video production. Do you want every shot staged and scripted, backlit, with music and special effects? Or would you prefer a clean but professional format? Discuss your video recruitment strategies with a couple of different videographers and get estimates of what they would charge before you decide if you want to use a professional.

If you have little to no funds for your YouTube recruiting videos, consider these options:

  • Ask your current employees if they have any experience with video production or perhaps your marketing department does some videos on-site and could help out.
  • Ask employees if they have any video footage you could use. This may be the case with company events.
  • Check with your local community college to see if they have a video production class that needs a class project.

Use YouTube to easily and economically enhance your existing recruitment strategies. It’s a cost-effective way to expand your reach and engage candidates.


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