Imagine being able to not only review the resumes and portfolios of potential candidates, but also being able to present candidates in a virtual face-to-face interview? Alternatively, what if you could provide a syndicated introduction of your company and that of your recruiting clients on the world’s top video social network? The good news is that both of these options are available to hiring managers and professional recruiters today who want to create more impact – thanks to video staffing solutions like YouTube!

How do video staffing solutions stack up against other online mediums?

If you’ve been searching for a way to switch up your recruiting strategy, videos published on YouTube can be highly effective. Here’s why, as the below infographic reveals:

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  • Videos can be a highly expressive and personal way to reach many more candidates with just a short time investment. The average viewer spends 15-minutes on this platform.
  • As of February of 2013, 800 million users are active and 4 billion views per day take place on YouTube alone, worldwide.
  • Age demographics on YouTube, according to ComScore range from 18-24 at 46 percent of the time, as compared to Facebook’s 50 percent and Twitter’s 39 percent of users in the new grad population.
  • Career postings that include a YouTube video results in 34 percent more applications completed by candidates on average.
  • YouTube videos appear in the top 70 percent of all search engine results due to their rich content status and views.


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