Virtual Recruiter

Over the last few years, virtual recruitment has opened up a world of hiring opportunities for recruiters, enabling companies to attract and engage with top-quality talent fast and efficiently. With more organizations turning to virtual recruiting, adding this practice to your company's hiring strategy is essential.

What Is Virtual Recruiting?

Virtual recruiting is the process of hiring job candidates remotely, meaning recruiters and candidates do not interact with one another in person. This hiring method allows virtual recruiters can attract, engage, vet, and hire candidates entirely over the Internet instead of face-to-face.

There are various approaches virtual recruiters use when hiring new employees, such as:

  • Video conferencing technology: Video interviews have become increasingly popular in recruiting. Some employers ask for prerecorded video interviews, while others video conference with candidates.
  • Virtual event software: This software is similar to a career fair, only remote. By hosting online events, recruiters can conduct virtual info sessions, seminars and job expos to attract applicants.
  • Email recruiting: Some companies use email as a virtual recruitment channel to stay connected with people who have expressed interest in open positions.
  • Virtual chatbots: Artificial intelligence (AI) has begun to play a role in the recruitment process, communicating with candidates in place of recruiters. For example, chatbots can answer questions, suggest jobs and schedule interviews with job-seekers online.
  • Recruitment assessments: Virtual recruiters often use assessment tools to identify candidates who would fit a particular job well. Types of online evaluations include knowledge, skill, personality and aptitude tests.

Pros of Virtual Recruitment

Using a virtual contract recruiter to find candidates for your company comes with many benefits you can't get with in-person hiring. Some benefits advantages:

  • Overcoming challenges: Virtual recruiting allows you to resume your recruiting efforts even in the face of obstacles. For example, you can still interact with candidates when face-to-face communication is unsafe or when long distances separate candidates from recruiters.
  • Increasing efficiency: Recruiting candidates virtually reduces hiring time by enabling you to screen more applicants in a shorter amount of time, streamlining the recruitment process.
  • Saving money: You can better control hiring costs through virtual recruiting. Conducting recruitment online is less costly than setting up in-person events and doesn't require companies to pay travel expenses. Plus, your team can automate many of these tasks.
  • Improving candidate experiences: Virtual recruiting is easier and more convenient for candidates, eliminating the stresses of traveling to in-person interviews, such as flat tires, heavy traffic and scarce parking. As a result, it makes for better candidate experiences.
  • Reducing hiring bias: Meeting candidates in person involves innate hiring biases that are minimized through virtual recruitment, putting applicants on an equal playing field.
Using Digital Channels

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