illustration-of-application-41559670-resized-600Ever since sourcing tools and platforms like first hit the recruiting scene, screening applicant response to employment ads and job posts has been a monumental task. A typical job posting generates hundreds of qualified applicant resumes that the recruiter must sift through, either by reading or by delegating resume screening to an assistant or clerical support. A challenging economy and tricky job market multiplies the resume responses. It quickly becomes time consuming and tedious and lengthens the recruiting process. If disorganized chaos is the problem, then applicant tracking systems are the antidote.

When your recruiting process reaches critical mass and gets too time-consuming and expensive, you’ll have to decide whether to hire someone to help or buy one of the many applicant tracking systems on the market. And there are many applicant tracking systems to choose from. One of the top programs, iCims Recruiting Software Suite, has three levels of recruiting support that take recruiters from connecting to candidates, to recruiting and capturing applications, to on-boarding new hires. iCims really does excel at supporting your recruiting process from the beginning through hiring and orientation.


iCims’ Connect gives users one-click functions to manage the beginning of candidate contacts. It lets users incorporate their employment brand and tap into social media. With functions such as importing and sorting candidate information, storing and tracking new contacts directly in Connect with mobile kiosks at job fairs and hiring events instead of collecting paper resumes and applications, Connect reduces a lot of time and activity to a quick and easy-to-use process. It also allows candidates to share their social media profiles through the Social Connect Portal and subscribe to your recruiting communications, and enables recruiters to share news about openings and drive candidates to your online application. Not many applicant tracking systems can lay claim to that functionality, so iCims gets high marks for that.


This is the applicant tracking part of the iCims suite. iCim’s Recruit is where candidates submit applications and enables recruiters to track, monitor, and expand their talent pools. Candidates can easily apply to your jobs right through their LinkedIn and other social media profiles, without leaving iCims, making it an easy and valuable tool. There are no paper applications for recruiters to collect and manage because the software captures them online and allows searches on applications, job profiles, and resumes. It would seem logical that all applicant tracking systems have this ability, but in fact iCims is one of only a small handful of vendors to have incorporated this.

Recruit helps you build your employment brand and improve your candidates’ experience with an automated and customizable communications component. Use your logos and graphics to brand recruiting emails and synchronize email communications from iCims Recruit and your email program. Manage your recruiting with iCims career portals created with your employment brand and geared toward different employee groups such as university hiring and hourly recruitment. You can quickly and easily improve and control candidate experience with iCims.

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Unlike many other applicant tracking systems that are just for sourcing and recruiting, iCims is a comprehensive, cradle to grave solution. It helps you straight through to onboarding, letting you handle the administrative and training tasks to situate new hires online through the iCims Onboard portal. Shorten your new hire orientation time and improve its quality by preparing newly hired employees so their first day is planned and productive. Engage your newly hired employees with special welcome messages, photos, training and introductory videos, and introductions to corporate culture and policies and procedures. Reduce your paperwork and improve your hiring and onboarding productivity with online checklists of outstanding tasks and paperwork, easily run effective reports, and measure key performance indicators within iCims Onboard feature.

How is iCims Better than other Applicant Tracking Systems?

iCims is a one-stop shop for your recruitment process, automating almost all of your manual recruiting and hiring tasks and activities. Many applicant tracking systems offer solutions to just one area of recruiting, such as sourcing. But iCims suite of recruiting software brings you and your recruiting team “up to speed” with new recruiting methods that make you more competitive and gives you more control than you ever had with manual tasks. It lets you and your HR or recruitment team work within an effective and almost intuitive system to speed up your recruiting processes and make them easier to perform. It gives you ways to organize and report on recruiting data and cuts a lot of manual work out of the process. Integration with social media puts you and your recruiting staff directly in front of candidates through their social media profiles and encourages them to apply to your positions.

Although it may seem like there’s a formidable learning curve to set up and learn the iCims suite, customers rave about the support, both within iCims software itself and with their customer service. And the structure and easy integration into social media recruiting, plus being able to do everything online through the iCims system, makes it well worth the effort to plug in and learn to use this software. If you are evaluating applicant tracking systems, then you owe it to yourself, and your company, to put iCims on the short list.

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