Why Expert Executive Recruiters Fail

Here’s a question. As an employer, why would I expect expert executive recruiters to understand the best candidate fit for my purposes? Why would I ask expert executive recruiters, who have no experience in my industry and may have never seen the products that I produce, or the work processes that I use, to hire the perfect worker to use those processes, produce the product, or to innovate new ones?

Sure, I understand that expert executive recruiters know sourcing, utilize screening software … and … expert executive recruiters may know where to advertise or how best to use social media, they may have more time for reference checking, have a solid understanding of behavioral psychology; expert executive recruiters understand and empathize like I do, help with salary negotiation, organize interviews and panels and applicant screenings like I do, can create a job description and …. ok, so I do see the benefits to using expert executive recruiters. But, back to my original problem … can expert executive recruiters really understand what my particular needs are and what my industry entails?

Most employers don’t understand what they really want to hire until they see it. Most employers are probably very poor at communicating what skills and experience they do really need. As expert executive recruiters or headhunters, it is your job to find that needle in the haystack, that nugget of gold. Do that, and you are the ace recruiter. My point is that expert executive recruiters needs to have an open mind, and understand that a person can possess many skills and have experience that many employers could never even dream of.

A friend of mine is job seeking. His background is unusual to say the least. He first graduated in culinary arts … ok .. so … he’s a chef. Wrong. Next, he went to design school and graduated in hotel management… ok … so … he’s a hotel manager that helps out on the line once in a while? Absolutely not. He then entered the world of architecture and design and graduated with a Masters degree in interior architecture and design… then he must be an architect and designer of …. kitchens? Well, partly.

His experience includes selling industrial kitchen products; project management of franchise installations, such as Starbucks, Panera, Au bon Pain; the design and construction of restaurants and the design and construction and management of his own pub, and the management of hotel construction projects for companies such as Marriott. Oh, and he has also invested in old real estate for renovation. To put it succinctly, this guy has one helk of a skill set.

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Do you, as expert executive recruiters understand such a skill set? Would you label him a chef, an interior designer, an architect, a project manager, pub landlord, an entrepreneur, real estate developer? The best that he can hope for is that a recruiter associates him with the hospitality industry.

You see, my point is that many jobs may require skill sets that only one in a million individuals have. Many expert executive recruiters screen candidates for one or two skills and label them, pigeonholing and squeezing them into a traditional role. The wood is not seen for the trees. As expert executive recruiters, understand that someone can cross many divides when it comes to the workplace; look beyond the search technology and the automated screening. Find that special someone, strike gold, and become an ace recruiter.

Oh, and by the way, my friend is still searching for his dream job or the expert executive recruiters that can help him find it.


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