Why Top Companies are using Gamification for IT Recruiting

A new trend in IT recruiting is using gaming for sourcing, developing, and motivating candidates and employees. Companies including Deloitte, Marriott, Aetna, Google, and the Department of Defense are using gamification to get ahead of their recruiting competition and attract and engage more candidates.

As engagement becomes more important because of a tight economy, tough job market, and bigger skills shortages, employers and recruiters are looking at gamification as the solution to attract candidates, increase visibility, and create workplace rewards and recognition. Gallup’s recent engagement numbers show that more than 70 percent of the American workforce is not engaged or is actively disengaged in work, making effective solutions like gamification more urgent and attractive to overwhelmed hiring managers and recruiters.

What is Gamification?

Using game mechanics in non-game activities is the basis of gamification in recruitment, including IT recruiting, and other areas such as training and health and wellness. Gartner Group predicts that 70 percent of global employers are adapting gamification in the workplace for things such as skills training and health improvement.

In Gamification of Learning & Instruction, author Karl Kapp explains how gamification is attractive across all generations. He claims that the rewards created by gamification keep users engaged and interacting with each other to build valuable relationships.

Gamification in recruiting, especially IT recruiting, contributes to workforce development by introducing fun, creativity, competition, and rewards into areas that traditionally had none of these aspects. Gamification makes candidates and employees more willing to work harder and go beyond the application process or job description to better engage with the process and people involved. This is valuable in recruiting, espcially IT recruiting, where competition for candidates is tough, especially candidates with niche technical skills.

How Employers Use Gamification

How are employers using gamification to recruit, train and engage workers in IT recruiting and other areas of recruitment?

Google, Facebook , and IBM use online programming contests in their IT recruiting to attract the top candidates and assess their programming skills at the same time. Contests such as the Facebook Hacker Cup and Google Code Jam introduce fun competition into IT recruiting and make the process memorable for everyone involved.

Marriott International Inc. developed their hotel-themed online game for players to get a simulated experience of a hotel kitchen manager’s work experience. Users (and potential candidates) play the game My Marriott Hotel™ on Facebook and seeks to interest Millennials between 18 and 27 in hospitality careers.

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Deloitte Leadership Academy is a digital executive training program for Deloitte’s thousands of senior executives around the world. Its gamification efforts include lessons from renowned business schools such as Harvard Business Publishing, Melbourne Business School, and Stanford Graduate School of Management. The gamified lessons are accessible online and on mobile devices with core curriculum and continuous learning components.

PricewaterhouseCoopers uses Multipoly, their fame for selection, which has candidates play in a virtual reality work environment receiving missions, attending trainings, negotiating with clients, and solving business problems to earn points toward getting hired.

These are just a few companies of many using gamification in candidate sourcing and IT recruiting to engage candidates, create and improve candidate experience. Gamification is an important way to attract, recruit, develop and engage candidates and employees.

Gamification and the Future of Recruitment

Gamification helps disguise the application and assessment process in IT recruiting and other areas of recruiting as a fun activity rather than an annoying or frustrating task, making it much more likely to convert the top talent from just noticing your job opening into engaged candidates. Gamification helps employers and recruiters get qualified candidates interested in their job openings and companies.

Gamification boosts and builds your employer brand by differentiating your company from your competition. Candidates who come to interviews through a gamified application process have a different experience than the traditional resume to interview to offer process, and are thinking differently about your company than other employers. Gamification creates an interactive candidate experience that can resurrect a lifeless recruitment process, including and especially for IT recruiting.

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