What recruitment solutions are you using to attract top candidates to your job postings and employment ads? Are you using mainly static, text-only job ads on routine job sites? Or do your recruitment solutions take advantage of audio, video, and color in the social media platforms where your employees and their peers spend their time? Do you use your top performers to engage the qualified, experienced candidates you need?

When you use video recruitment solutions, such as YouTube and Google Hangouts, you can do much more than just hope the right candidates read your job postings. You can provide a syndicated introduction of your company on the world’s top video social networks. Engage candidates and build your employer brand by explaining your openings and company culture, introducing candidates to your top performers who can show them the work environment, and present candidates to principals in a virtual face-to-face format.

Video recruitment solutions like YouTube and Google Hangouts are available to hiring managers and professional recruiters who want to create more impact with less money than traditional recruitment solutions that involve long lead times, frequent travel, and employment advertising expenses. Cut through the time and cost and get better results with online social video sites

Why Use Video Recruitment Solutions

If you’re looking for a way to add to your recruiting arsenal and modernize your recruitment solutions, videos published on YouTube and recorded with Google Hangouts can be highly effective.
Here’s why:

• Videos are an engaging and personal way to reach more candidates in less time and get better results than with traditional recruiting methods.

• As of February of 2013, YouTube had 800 million active users and 4 billion views per day worldwide.

• 46 percent of YouTube users are 18-24

• Career postings that include a YouTube video result in 34 percent more applications than those without video.

• ‘Google Hangouts on Air’ lets you post your Hangouts on YouTube, giving you double duty when you use Hangouts for recruitment solutions.

• YouTube videos appear in the top 70 percent of all search engine results due to their rich content status and views.

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• Google Plus, of which Google Hangouts is a component, is outpacing Twitter to become the second largest social network in the world in 2013.

How does YouTube and Google Hangouts Work?

It’s simple to get started using YouTube and Google Hangouts to energize your recruitment solutions.

Start using video recruitment solutions by developing a short script to introduce yourself or your candidates, then record a 3-4 minute video using your computer’s built-in video recording software and camera. Or use a mobile device if you prefer. Then edit it with some company branding tweaks, and upload to a company YouTube page. You can coach star candidates through short, YouTube and Google Hangouts videos to introduce them in a highly professional way, and you can shop these around to clients and hiring managers for potential placement and hiring opportunities.

Open a YouTube channel, record video clips of your job advertisements, and post them to career portals, your company website employment page, embed them in emails, and point candidates to them when participating in forums or other discussion groups.

Open a Google Plus account and start using Google Hangouts to talk about your openings with candidates, students and professors on-campus, and career placement staff at schools. Record Hangouts to use on your website or upload to your YouTube channel. Invite top candidates to group or private video interviews with public or private hangouts.

The investment in making YouTube and Google Hangout video recruitment solutions is well worth your time and effort. You get a very versatile video tool to use in a variety of settings. You save time and money by cutting through traditional recruiting methods and expenses, and you participate in a new and rising social media platform.

Social media and video recruitment solutions are easy to learn and use, place hiring managers and recruiters right in the middle of the newest online recruiting methods, and save real time and money. If you’re not using YouTube and Google Hangouts for recruitment solutions, you’re missing out on countless opportunities to engage top candidates and present your positions in the best way. Your competitors are doing it. What are you waiting for?


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