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Go Beyond Behavioral Interview Questions

Employment interviews are the result of great sourcing and recruiting. They are the next to last step in a process that is often flawed but very necessary to build an effective and competitive workforce. Interviews are where recruiters and hiring managers put the pedal to the metal when they feel they have solid candidates lined…

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3 Tips for Improving Your Recruiting Process

Using recruiting resources wisely is a big challenge for employers and recruiters. It means keeping one eye on the company and one eye on the newest recruiting trends to create and maintain a competitive advantage. Try focusing your recruiting process on the most important and impactful factors in your hiring success: top performers, recruiting reputation,…

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Increase Quality of Hire with Better Interview Questions

The interview is one of the best ways to assess candidates for presentation, verbal communication skills, and culture fit. Recruiting today is different than it was even a few short years ago, requiring a paradigm change, especially in the type of creative interview questions you need to ask. Recruiting experts like Georg Bradt, management consultant…

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Are you Asking Legal Interview Questions?

Do your recruiters and hiring managers know the first rule of hiring? The law assumes that everything asked during job interviews will be used to make hiring decisions. Every interview question should be prepared with that in mind, and limited only to issues required to assess a candidate’s qualifications for the open position. Always avoid…

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8 Essential Executive Interview Questions

Recruiters will agree that recruiting for executive level positions and talking to executive candidates requires a unique set of executive interview questions. Executive interviews are different than interviewing candidates for non-executive positions. They involve longer recruiting cycles with more comprehensive interviews. Non-executive interviews may take one to three hours, while executive interviews are typically a…

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