A More Robust Sourcing Solution

Accelerate your hiring with Sourcing from ContractRecruiter. We’re the go-to resource for companies that need to boost their pipeline of interested and available candidates. We’ll do all the legwork for you – starting with industry and competitor research, then moving on to name and contact information generation, and finally drip outreach campaigns powered by our Content Marketing team.

After outreach, as candidates reply back with interest in one of your opportunities, we will transition them to your internal recruitment team for the next step in the interview process.

Sourcing, arguably the most challenging part of the recruitment lifecycle, is our superpower. What’s our secret? A deep technology stack, access to best practices, team collaboration, and exceptional critical thinking skills combined with intellectual curiosity.

We know how time-consuming and expensive the process of finding top talent can be.

That’s why ContractRecruiter specializes in scalable, cost-effective passive candidate sourcing. Our team is made up of experienced sourcers who work seamlessly with your recruiters to find qualified candidates using advanced sourcing tools and best practices for discovery and engagement.

How We Source Candidates

Coft-effective Sourcing

Finding top talent can be a complex, costly process. That’s why ContractRecruiter is here to make things easier. Our experienced sourcers use advanced sourcing tools along with cutting-edge best practices for to quickly locate the best candidates for your recruitment needs. With our cost-effective sourcing capability, you don’t have to spend hours searching for the perfect applicant; leave it to us

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Sourcing Process

Our experienced sourcers use the latest social recruiting resources and techniques to find qualified and experienced candidates for your most demanding roles. Our tools and proprietary sourcing methodologies allows us to tap into a wealth of passive candidate profiles, ensuring that you get the best fit for your pipeline. We know how to engage potential candidates through compelling and professional communication, built on research, list building, high response-rate messaging, and more. Whether you’re looking for experienced hires or entry-level personnel – our experienced team has the perfect approach to increase your flow of candidates.

At ContractRecruiter, we leverage a sourcing playbook that combines the most advanced research tools, techniques, and engagement to develop a robust talent pipeline. Our team focuses on personalized outreach through tailored messages to attract available candidates. And in addition to using LinkedIn Recruiter, we employ multiple sourcing tools such as social profile aggregators, Boolean search strategies and other deep web mining strategies to locate potential candidates.

Robust Social Sourcing Toolkit

We use a variety of tools and platforms to find great candidates and boost sourcing success.

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