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What Makes Us Different

On your team, on-demand.

ContractRecruiter offers a refreshingly unique approach to RPO. Our hybrid model harnesses the power of an RPO, yet can best be described as a more flexible and scalable way of engaging a Contract Recruiter.

This is our secret sauce - as corporate-side recruiters, we know how to work as a seamless extension of you and your staff; we understand the importance of using company messaging and branding to attract and engage passive candidates; we know how to employ best practices in candidate care to enhance your reputation as an employer of choice; and we value candidate quality over quantity. 

Now combine that with the accountability, deep resources, and sense of urgency of an RPO, and you have a very powerful suite of recruiting and sourcing solutions.

We’re on it.

We’re ContractRecruiter—Your teammates

We produce results faster and more affordably. Here’s how.

We give you instant access to seasoned U.S. contract recruiters when you have urgent hiring needs

Our model allows you to leverage the power of an entire plug ‘n play recruiting team, including a dedicated contract recruiter, sourcers, and a delivery manager

ContractRecruiter operates with a simple model that eliminates the costs, complexities and commitments of traditional contingency staffing firms and RPO’s

Our team delivers optimum ROI with robust processes, recruiting tools and a highly accountable “pay for performance” service model

Why Outsource?

CEO Andrew Greenberg explains ContractRecruiter's unique twist on recruitment Process Outsourcing-- a contract recruiter "pay for performance" model that inspires higher productivity.

ContractRecruiter Solutions

On-Demand recruiting from seasoned U.S. contract recruiters.  Acting as a seamless extension of your team, you’ll see an immediate impact on hiring speed, cost, and quality.

Research, list-building, and reach-out to passive candidates. Increase your flow of interested and available candidates with expert sourcing and engagement.

List creation of on-target candidates for your hard-to-fill positions. We’ll use research tools to enrich your lists with contact information, including personal email addresses.

Screen your incoming applicants efficiently and professionally. Our team of contract recruiters are experts in vetting candidates for job skills and culture fit.

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