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ContractRecruiter Solutions

Turnkey recruiting from seasoned U.S. contract recruiters.  Acting as a seamless extension of your team, you’ll see an immediate impact on hiring speed, cost, and quality.

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Research, list-building, and reach-out to passive candidates. Increase your flow of interested and available candidates for your hard-to-fill positions with expert sourcing.

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Screen your incoming applicants efficiently and professionally.  Our team of corporate-side, contract recruiters are experts in vetting candidates for job skills and culture fit.


Gives You Instant-on Hiring Power.

When you need more recruiting muscle, our team is ready to join yours. It's not complicated. Nor is it risky.

Bringing ContractRecruiter aboard is simply smart because:

Hassle-free, instant-on/instant-off access to highly effective recruiting and sourcing solutions.

A team of corporate recruiters act as a seamless extension of your staff to help fill positions fast.

You won't pay placement fees or get locked into a long-term commitment.

Why Outsource?

CEO Andrew Greenberg explains ContractRecruiter's unique twist on recruitment Process Outsourcing-- a contract recruiter "pay for performance" model that inspires higher productivity.

"The thing that impresses me most is that we never seem to miss a beat if the load is 10 requisitions or 2, I get the same level of dedication and commitment and the same quality candidates in the same kind of turnaround time."

- Valerie, VP Human Resources at Certain Inc.,

“We enjoyed working with ContractRecruiter ...This is the first time DKI has used a team contract recruiting model, and we were pleased that they had a good point of contact and they were very accommodating to meet our explicit billing guidelines. The candidates we received were high quality and a good fit for the roles assigned.”

– Laura, DKI

“It has been a pleasure working with all of you on the requirements. My expectations were surpassed with the level of attention, responsiveness and quality of candidates that were presented. Having your support as a team was a great stress reliever in a highly intense sourcing requirement."

– Tracey DeFine, SPHR, Director, HR & Finance, Indegene

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