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How to Hire a Rockstar Contract Recruiter

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A Flexible Recruiting Model Built Around Your Needs

Ready to go beyond the limitations of traditional staffing agencies and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) providers? ContractRecruiter offers a fresh, unique approach to accessing the talent you need — when you need it.

If you’ve experienced frustration in the past with the lack of quality and results from working with traditional staffing agencies or RPO providers, get ready to be impressed by ContractRecruiter.

We offer two solutions for hiring contract recruiters – “Traditional Placement” and “Fully Managed”:

Traditional placement allows you to hire virtual or onsite contract recruiters, and gives you advantages such as no conversion fees, and the elimination of co-employment risk.

Fully managed solutions combine the deep resources of an RPO with the accountability and professionalism of contract recruiters who know from the start how to work seamlessly with you and your team.

Above all, when you work with us, you won’t be hampered by the multiple points of failure and frustration that exist with most other recruitment providers.  Instead, thanks to our unique blend of contract recruiter and RPO based solutions, you can look forward to a more effective and nimble way of hiring the talent you’re looking for.


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IT Recruiting Experts

Our team of technical recruiting experts helps companies across the United States with hiring for both full-time and contract jobs in the IT industry. We acquire talent across a diverse set of skill sets, including but not limited to:

  • Software engineers
  • Database specialists
  • Infrastructure specialists
  • Architects and Modelers
  • Project Managers and Business Analysts

Finding highly-qualified IT professionals is a difficult task, and one that we've mastered over the years.  You'll leverage our deep social technology stack to source passive IT candidates, along with highly personalized messaging to maximize response and engagement.

Healthcare Recruiting Solutions

We're a nationally recognized expert in the healthcare industry and healthcare recruiting. Scaling a medical team and finding the right candidate for the job is our specialty. There are too many specialties to list, but our recent experience includes:

  • Nurses, physicians and therapists
  • Health technicians
  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical devices and diagnostics

Healthcare is today's fastest growing industry, and shortages in the workforce require advanced sourcing and recruiting solutions. Let us help you put together a customized clinical workforce from the top 2% of talent in the United States. We help hospitals, private healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical and medical device companies with staffing in all 50 states.

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ContractRecruiter Solutions

Hire a Contract Recruiter, either onsite or remote. We know how to find and screen Rockstar recruiters. Plus, we don’t charge conversion fees, and we eliminate co-employment risk.

Fully Managed, On-Demand recruiting from seasoned U.S. contract recruiters.  Our unique, team-based hybrid solution bridges the gap between a contract recruiter and an RPO.

Research, list-building, and reach-out to passive candidates. Increase your flow of interested and available candidates with expert sourcing and engagement.

List creation of on-target candidates for your hard-to-fill positions. We’ll use research tools to enrich your lists with contact information, including personal email addresses.

You're In Good Company

Ultimately, when you hear the name ContractRecruiter, four words should come to mind — scalability, cost, quality and speed. Here’s why:



We have the ability — and staff — to quickly ramp up our services and handle any sudden surge in hiring you might encounter.


Our simple pricing structure offers an alternative to complex RPO’s, as well as staffing firms that charge placement fees.


As contract recruiters, we value candidate quality over quantity, ensuring high levels of employee engagement and retention.


Whether using our managed or unmanaged solutions, our contract recruiters have a strong track record of reducing time-to-fill.

Remember also that with ContractRecruiter, you'll have more flexibility than you’ll find with any traditional staffing vendor or RPO.

Staffing agencies and RPO services are typically laden with fees, lengthy contracts and service commitments. However, with our on-demand pay-as-you-go solutions, you only pay for what you need. In fact, you can scale our services up or down as your needs change.


Gives You Instant-on Hiring Power.

When you need more recruiting muscle, our team is ready to join yours. It's not complicated. Nor is it risky.

Bringing ContractRecruiter aboard is simply smart because:

Hassle-free, instant-on/instant-off access to highly effective recruiting and sourcing solutions.

A team of corporate-side recruiters act as a seamless extension of your staff to help fill positions fast.

You won't pay placement fees or get locked into a long-term commitment.

"The thing that impresses me most is that we never seem to miss a beat if the load is 10 requisitions or 2, I get the same level of dedication and commitment and the same quality candidates in the same kind of turnaround time."

- Valerie, VP Human Resources at Certain Inc.,

“We enjoyed working with ContractRecruiter ...This is the first time DKI has used a team contract recruiting model, and we were pleased that they had a good point of contact and they were very accommodating to meet our explicit billing guidelines. The candidates we received were high quality and a good fit for the roles assigned.”

– Laura, DKI

“It has been a pleasure working with all of you on the requirements. My expectations were surpassed with the level of attention, responsiveness and quality of candidates that were presented. Having your support as a team was a great stress reliever in a highly intense sourcing requirement."

– Tracey DeFine, SPHR, Director, HR & Finance, Indegene

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