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ContractRecruiter combines the familiarity, trust and professionalism of a Contract Recruiter with the deep resources, scalability and dependability of an RPO. Truly a winning combination.

We offer three different solutions to tackle your most urgent and critical hiring needs: Recruiting, Sourcing, and Recruitment Marketing.

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Full-lifecycle recruiting by a U.S. based, seasoned Contract Recruiter who will work as a seamless extension of your talent acquisition team. Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of a delivery team working in the background to ensure a successful engagement. That includes an Engagement Manager, Sourcers, and a Recruitment Marketing specialist to support and empower your Recruiter.

Your Recruiter will function like a traditional Contract Recruiter, but will also be able leverage the deep resources of the ContractRecruiter team. Those resources include a host of cutting-edge sourcing tools including of course LinkedIn Recruiter, as well as the expertise, guidance and hands-on support of other recruiters and sourcers on our team.

Recruitment Content Marketing is also included. Our Content Marketing specialist will capture your employer brand, mission and values, and use that rich information to create and/or optimize job descriptions, job ads, and compelling email drip campaigns.

We use a variety of processes and best practices across the recruitment lifecycle. However, we are highly flexible and adaptable in regard to how we engage with you. Some of our customers are all-in on using our approach, while others prefer to have use all of their workflows and processes. We pride ourselves in being easy to work with – whatever works for you will work for us!

Our lightweight approach is tailored to suit any project size or duration without long-term commitments or placement fees – so you always pay for exactly what’s needed when it matters most. From initial research through final candidate dispositioning, we handle every step in the full lifecycle recruitment process – helping ensure that nothing gets overlooked along the way!


Finding profiles that match a set of job requirements is easy, however finding the candidates behind those profiles who are actually interested and available is a completely different story! Our sourcing team starts with research on your company, industry, competitors, and candidate pool. Next, we reach out to candidates using a variety of tools and methods including social media as well as multi-sequence drip email campaigns.

Recruitment Content Marketing is also included in our Sourcing solution. Our Content Marketing specialist will work to create compelling content to maximize engagement across all of our outreach channels.

Our Sourcing solution is a quick and easy way to put more candidates in the hands of your internal recruiters. The most difficult part of the recruitment lifecycle is arguably sourcing – let us help you shoulder that load by helping to create pools of candidates who are expressing interest and intent to learn more about specific open positions.

Recruitment Marketing

Our Recruitment Marketing Service is designed to provide an added layer of support and empowerment throughout the recruitment process. Through job description optimization, employee value proposition messaging, targeted outreach campaigns, and other content marketing activities, we are committed to collaborating with you and our recruitment team to ensure that visibility for your organization is increased to attract more qualified job applicants.

Whether it be traditional job boards or modern social media platforms, we strive to produce engaging and personalized content for attracting and engaging potential candidates. Additionally, our targeted outreach campaigns ensure maximum engagement and success in reaching qualified candidates for your open positions.

Our recruitment marketing specialists are equipped with the latest and greatest digital resources to ensure that we can best reflect your company culture and values through messaging. We keep up to date on the ever-changing trends within the industry to stay ahead of the curve. By leveraging the combination of an informed approach and smart technology, our recruitment marketing team is committed to developing sustainable solutions that exceed expectations.

This dedication results in better quality recruitment experiences for both employers and job seekers, making sure that everyone has the best possible chance of finding ROI from their efforts. Our team understands the importance of using targeted methods to reach today’s diverse candidate market to get the best match for any open roles.


True to our name, we charge the same way as a traditional Contract Recruiter, with a simple hourly rate. No other fees or charges. Period.

Our services are on-demand, week-to-week, meaning that we are here when you need us, and gone when you don’t.

However, if you would like to lock in extra savings by signing up for a fixed length engagement, we offer discounted monthly rate plans, as well as an extremely cost-effective flexible subscription plan that is the first of its kind in the recruitment industry. And all with no extra or hidden charges or fees. The rate that we quote is all that you pay. Nothing different. Nothing more.