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It's important to stay up to date on the current sales hiring trends - our team understands the ins and outs of the hiring sector, making it easier for you to acquire the talent you need.

Sales hiring trends are important to us here at ContractRecruiter. While employers planned to hire more sales staff last year, according to the Bureau of Labor Services, the reality was that it was difficult for a variety of reasons. A recent Harvard Business School report shows that sales positions are difficult and take longer to fill than other jobs.

Sales is a hot hiring sector again this year according to CareerBuilder’s annual survey, which showed 36 percent of surveyed companies plan to add full-time, permanent sales employees. CareerBuilder’s CEO Matt Ferguson says that hiring overall is up 12 percent over last year and recruiting is expected to be competitive.

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ContractRecruiter excels in finding and delivering first-rate sales talent with two flexible managed solutions. Both offer you experienced and skilled industry professionals who know what it takes to make you an employer of choice and work as a seamless extension of your existing team.

Fully Managed Executive Sales Recruitment Services

Our fully managed recruitment services are your solution for end-to-end talent acquisition. ContractRecruiter isn't a standard recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) partner — we go far beyond the traditional boundaries to deliver more responsiveness and accountability. Build a team of delivery managers, recruiters, sourcers and researchers to act as your company's advocate from the first contact to the final offer.

Executive Sales Candidate Sourcing

Are you looking for sourcing rockstars to build you a robust pipeline? You've found them. Our sourcing experts create messaging that commands attention, social media strategies that get noticed and candidate experiences that staffing agencies can't match.

We do it with our exclusive DELVR approach, a four-step process for finding, engaging and attracting passive talent. Then we supplement those efforts with thorough screening to ensure we present you with candidates who are ready to be a vital part of your business's success story.

In-Demand Sales Skills

While sales roles vary widely and employers provide sales training programs lasting from six to 18 months, employers are requiring new hires to have a college degree. Specialized certification and advanced technical and scientific training and knowledge are required to sell complex scientific products and machinery. MBAs are required for higher level sales management positions especially in industries like financial services.

Projected Trends & Compensation Packages

Tactical Recruiting & Hiring Plans Are Needed for the Upcoming Year

Employers will need to change their recruiting and hiring tactics to attract the millennial sales force they need heading forward. Advisory firm CEB managing director Nick Toman says employers are still using sales-job postings with phrases like “competitive environment” and “variable compensation packages” which turns off applicants who are looking for stable salaries and supportive work environments.

Software firm Xactly CEO Christopher Cabrera says companies have to change their compensation strategies to attract younger employees who want financial safety, and are offering higher base pay with lower commission ratios in entry level sales positions.

Compensation & Wages for Salespeople

The BLS reports that the median wages for advertising sales professionals in  2021 were $52,340, while securities, commodities, and financial services sales agents had median earnings of to $62,910. Sales engineers with a technical background earned a median of $103,710. Sales reps at the Enterprise level and at top technology companies have even higher earning potential.

Sales positions are going unfilled, even though employers are hiring and offering very competitive compensation. Employers have to change their recruiting tactics and sales career programs to attract the millennial candidates they need.

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How to Find Highly Qualified Candidates

For entry-level positions, local college campuses often hold job fairs for soon-to-be graduates. Industry-specific trade shows, networking events and conferences are also excellent ways to connect with sales talent. Professional organizations with career centers include:


The Perks of Partnering With Us

ContractRecruiter outperforms traditional RPO and staffing agencies with a focus on:

  • Scalability: Our on-demand model makes adding or removing services easy as your hiring demands change.
  • Flexibility: We build customized teams and strategies geared toward your organizational needs and goals.
  • Urgency: We prioritize your timelines and deliver faster time-to-fill.
  • Talent quality: Our team finds top-level talent that melds with your brand vision and goals.
  • Affordability: ContractRecruiter charges no placement fees and requires no long-term contracts for a highly cost-effective solution.
  • Expertise: Our experience covers numerous industries, so we can identify the ideal candidates for yours.


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