Shannon Molarius

Shannon Molarius

Shannon Molarius leverages a wealth of experience from healthcare delivery, to steering operations in healthcare administration, to seamlessly transferring her skill set to the dynamic landscape of talent acquisition at ContractRecruiter. Shannon also spearheads ContractRecruiter’s recruitment marketing initiatives, both internally as well for an expansive client base. Holding a master’s degree in Healthcare Administration, Shannon embodies a rich blend of industry knowledge and hands-on expertise, championing solutions through a harmonious fusion of empathy and strategic insight.


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We give you instant access to seasoned U.S. contract recruiters when you have urgent hiring needs

Our model allows you to leverage the power of an entire plug ‘n play recruiting team, including a dedicated contract recruiter, sourcers, and a delivery manager

ContractRecruiter operated with a simple model that eliminated the costs, complexities and commitments of traditional contingency staffing firms and RPO’s

Our team delivers optimum ROI with robust processes, recruiting tools and a highly accountable “pay for performance” service model