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Employee Referrals

The Best Employee Referral Program Software

Employee referral programs are an increasing trend in recruiting and retention practices. According to the 2014 Meritage Talent Solutions’ Employee Referral Trends Report, almost three quarters of companies surveyed said they have a formal employee referral program. Companies with more than 50,000 employees most commonly have formal employee referral programs, and companies with 10,000 to…

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Tackling the Most Pressing Issues in Recruiting [VIDEO]

After the viral success of our infographic, “The Complete A to Z Guide to Recruiting Smart,” Andy did an interview with Dr. Tracey Wilen, author of “Employed for Life: 21st Century Career Trends”. In the interview, Andy does a deep dive into the problems of employee-employer mismatch. Andy and Tracey discuss how choosing the right hires…

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Expert Advice for an Effective Employee Referral Program

The Michael Jordan of hiring, Dr. John Sullivan, has a few thoughts on employee referral programs. He has had the opportunity over the years to take a look at hundreds of employee referral programs, and he hasn’t been impressed. He says most are “pretty dull” and basic, but even so, referrals produce a higher volume…

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The 4 Biggest Reasons why Employee Referral Programs Fail

When companies experience hiring and retention problems, a strategic approach from the top down is the best way to address it, but that’s not always easy to achieve. In companies without newer applicant tracking systems with social media and employee referral integration, employee referral programs are often either non-existent or flimsy policies administered inconsistently. This…

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Decrease your Cost per Hire with a Magnetic Employee Referral Program

Looking to lower your Cost per Hire? Magnetize your Employee Referral Program and watch your cost per hire inch downward. Studies show that referrals have a higher conversion-to-hire rate than most other candidate sources, including job boards, networking events, and even Social Media. These same studies also show higher levels of Hiring Manager satisfaction from…

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