Embracing Diversity: Best Practices for Achieving Inclusive Recruiting


Diversity and inclusion are two of the most important concepts in modern business. Diversity is the presence of different types of people in an organization, while inclusion is the practice of creating an environment where everyone feels welcome and valued. Achieving a diverse and inclusive organization requires commitment and effort by both employers and employees, […]

12 Tips for Handling Employee Misconduct Like a Professional

In an ideal world, employees will adhere to the handbook, common sense, government, industry regulations, and laws. Unfortunately, humans are not computers, and the behavior of individuals can vary wildly. Add in stress, social pressures, the influence of alcohol, or various other factors, and you have a recipe for misconduct.   Misconduct can take place […]

8 Easy Ways to Create a More Inclusive Work Culture

  Diversity and inclusivity are often tied together in corporate initiatives and discussions, but they’re two distinct, if related, aspects of workplace culture. Diversity is critically important for many reasons, but inclusion is often overlooked in the emphasis on diversity.   Building a more inclusive workplace culture has a knock-on effect across the whole of […]

5 Tips to Discreetly Replace an Employee in the Workplace

Replacing an Employee

No company has a perfect workforce. Sometimes employees leave, sometimes conflicts arise, and sometimes behaviors get out of hand to the extent that action must be taken. No business owner enjoys deciding to terminate someone’s employment, but now and then, it must be done. Removing (and replacing) an employee should generally be done discreetly. Making […]

How to Create a Sincere and Effective EEO Statement

Creating an EEO Statement

Some view the EEO statement as a checklist item to publish as a line item for doing business in modern society. For others, it’s a statement of purpose and a reflection of intention. It’s no wonder that it’s contentious and often falls short of the mark. How can you write one that reflects sincerity and […]

The Difference Between Employee Turnover and Attrition

Turnover Attrition Difference

In business and, specifically, in HR, specific terms often have very similar meanings in everyday language but very specific, different definitions within the HR sphere. Two such terms are Employee Attrition and Employee Turnover. Both turnover and attrition have to do with employees leaving the organization. However, both metrics have specific definitions that measure different […]

6 Steps to Create a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)

Creating Performance Improvement Plan

Sooner or later, every manager has to contend with an employee who fails to meet expectations. Perhaps their performance has dropped, they have been assigned new tasks and are unable to handle them, or they handle their tasks, but their behavior is disruptive to others. Many companies turn to a warning system, followed by termination […]

FAQ: Is a Verbal Job Offer Legally and Contractually Binding?

Binding Job Offer

One of the most frequently asked questions involved in the job hunt is whether or not a verbal offer – and acceptance of that offer – forms a legally binding contract. Imagine, if you will, this situation. You’re a hiring manager, and you’ve gone through the filtering and interview process to fill a role. You’ve […]

What Should I Do After a Candidate Backs Out of a Job Offer?

For the last several years, the winds of change have been blowing through the job market. Moreover, the pandemic has put significant pressure on the labor market, pushing it away from one dominated by companies.    The balance of power has shifted in favor of the candidates, who are now in comparatively short supply and […]