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The 35 Best Exit Interview Questions (With Exit Survey Ideas)

By Andrew Greenberg | Nov 19, 2021 |
Exit Interview Questions

Any time an employee quits or otherwise leaves your organization, it’s essential to understand why. This holds true whether they’re retiring after a long and happy career, leaving because their temporary contract is up, or moving to greener pastures. Understanding why an employee leaves can show you issues at the ground level that you might…

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What Are the Characteristics of an Effective and Successful Team?

By Andrew Greenberg | Nov 12, 2021 |
Effective Successful Team

Very rarely do employees work on their own, in isolation. Instead, they work as part of an overall team. In a small business, that team might be the entire roster of employees, and for a larger company, the team may be their department or even a specific group within that department. Regardless of the size…

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Luxury Recruiting: 8 Tips to Attract Talent for a Premium Brand

By Andrew Greenberg | Nov 5, 2021 |
Luxury Recruiting Tips

Every industry has its own best practices for recruiting. Luxury brands are no different. Luxury brands are, by definition, unnecessary for pure survival; thus, the attitudes required to advertise, market, sell, and succeed in a premium space are quite different from those of a more traditional retail or sales industry. If you’re a luxury brand…

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The Pros and Cons of Skill Assessment Tests and Software

By Andrew Greenberg | Oct 29, 2021 |
Pros Cons Tests Software

Two pressures run counter to one another in the hiring process. On the one hand, you want to be thorough, and you need to make sure that you’re hiring the best possible candidates. Missing a critical character flaw, skill gap, or other indication of a poor worker means struggling to fit them into your team,…

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Which Parts of The Application Process Can Scare Job Candidates?

By Andrew Greenberg | Oct 22, 2021 |
Scare Job Candidates

Assembling a coherent process for hiring, from start to finish, takes a lot of work. A candidate pipeline requires optimization and refinement, and it typically needs to be engineered for the specific roles and levels you’re seeking. The hiring process for an entry-level receptionist will be very different from the process used for an executive…

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5 Ways to Reconnect with Candidates and Manage Stale Data

By Andrew Greenberg | Oct 15, 2021 |
Reconnect with Candidates

Suppose you have been building up a candidate pool searching for the perfect person to fill an open role in your organization. You’ve spent several weeks at it so far, pulling in resumes and applications from a variety of different platforms. The people in your pool are actively looking for work, and you can filter…

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[Guide] Tips and Best Practices for an Employee Offboarding Process

By Andrew Greenberg | Oct 8, 2021 |
Employee Offboarding Process

We’ve written before about the importance of a thorough onboarding process for new employees. A good onboarding process increases integration with your workforce and encourages a longer, more loyal career. Since turnover is so expensive, it’s vital to reduce it however you can. What about the other side of the coin? Offboarding is, in many…

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20 Benefits of Hiring Remote and Virtual Employees

By Andrew Greenberg | Oct 2, 2021 |
Benefits Hiring Remote Employees

There are many ways to hire an employee. You can have employees who work in the office full time. You can have employees who work from home part of the time. And, as the pandemic has shown to be more viable than many imagined, you can have employees who work remotely. Remote work is nothing…

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The Ultimate Guide to Manufacturing Recruiting and Staffing

By Andrew Greenberg | Sep 24, 2021 |
Manufacturing Recruiting Staffing

Recruiting processes, no matter the industry, are relatively standard. In a way, you can think of it as similar to a Christmas tree. The tree itself is mostly the same from location to location, but specific details about it change; the size, the position, the decorations. In recruiting, the framework and the processes are the…

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What is Talent Analytics and How Can You Start Using It? (With Examples)

By Andrew Greenberg | Sep 17, 2021 |
Talent Analytics

When your marketing team pushes sales on your audience, they use analytics data to determine the most effective form of messaging. When your website is being optimized, your developers use analytics to determine what changes bring in the most traffic. When you want to launch a new product, you use analytics to determine the best…

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