Staffing Solutions for a World Class Recruitment Team

Prolific staffing solutions include video interviewing to collaborate and save time and money, using meaningful recruiting metrics, diversity recruiting, in-depth behavioral interviewing and a focus on employer brand.

Staffing SolutionsIn his book “Hire Like You Just Beat Cancer,” author Jim Roddy claims that a proven interview methodology that distinguishes great performers during the pre-employment process results in quality hires, not being “a good judge of people” or “going with a gut feeling.” When building a world-class recruitment team, you must strive to incorporate staffing solutions that develop that methodology if you are to consistently yield superior results when sourcing top candidates.

Video Interviewing

Whether you go it alone using Skype or Oovoo or hire a service like HireVue or InterviewStream with resources such as interview question libraries and sharing applications, you will save time and money by streamlining your recruiting process with video interviewing. Companies like worldwide mining giant Rio Tinto save millions of dollars using video interviewing to enhance their staffing solutions and recruiting efforts. Video interviewing enables recruiters to bring a wider group of collaborators and decision-makers into the evaluation stage with remote panel interview and interview video sharing capabilities

Meaningful Recruiting Metrics

World-class recruitment teams use meaningful recruiting metrics in addition to the historical cost-to-hire and time-to-hire basics. Let’s take a look at staffing solutions that use recruiting metrics that measure and define recruiting impact on the business, predictive metrics that look at competitors, industries and the economy, and tactical metrics that evaluate specific areas of the recruiting process delve deeper into recruiting value.

Business Impact Recruiting Metrics

Survey hiring managers and line managers to find out what percentage of new hires are innovators and top performers.
Develop a project delay metric by asking project managers if projects are delayed by recruiting.
Track how long key revenue-generating positions are vacant and how many high-level positions are filled with diversity hires.

Predictive Recruiting Metrics

Watch forecasted unemployment rates.
Keep an eye on competitors’ press releases or news stories for expansions or layoffs.
Track forecasted labor costs.

Tactical Recruiting Metrics

Measure offer acceptance rates as a gauge of staffing solutions success or failure and to address gaps in the staffing solutions process that need improvement.
Track which sources produce the best hires, whether it’s an internal referral program, on-campus recruiting, or social media marketing, to know where to focus the majority of your recruiting and staffing solutions efforts.
Survey hiring managers, new hires and applicants about their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the hiring process and experience and plan for improvements.

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Diversity Recruiting

Take a cue from Goldman Sachs and have your recruiting team incorporate diversity and inclusion into your recruiting process. Goldman Sachs, as part of their elite staffing solutions program, seeks out women, LGBT undergraduates, students with disabilities and people with extended, voluntary absence from the workforce by partnering with groups that serve these diverse prospective employee populations.

In-Depth Behavioral Interviewing

Go beyond typical interviews by preparing for behavioral interviews with second and third-level questions. For example, instead of asking “Are you able to get along well with your peers?”, instead ask “tell me about a time when you had a problem with one of your peers. What were all of the options that you considered in resolving it? Which option did you take, and why? What was the outcome? How did you feel about the outcome?”
Focus on Employer Brand

Culture fit is a key to attracting and retaining top candidates, and culture and employer brand are entwined. World-class staffing solutions incorporate culture and employer brand in every aspect of the recruiting process, from the first contact, by framing descriptions of the company, job and work with the employer brand. Talk about common work practices and how employees feel about them, use key employees to talk about company culture either in video or in profiles to use in recruiting materials and ask candidates what they know about the company culture

Make sure that your recruitment team is using all of these best practices. Incorporating these elements into your staffing solutions engine will undoubtedly result in increased quality of hire, greater hiring manager satisfaction, and lower turnover.


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