The Value of the Virtual Recruiter

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The value of virtual recruiting is in saving time and money and taking much of the routine process and streamlining it with technology. In the current job market, employers have access to candidates from around the world at their fingertips with recruiting software, major job boards, and social media. This requires tools and strategies to reduce and manage costly processes. Even the army sees the value of the virtual recruiter and uses a virtual recruiter team to pre-qualify candidates, save recruiters’ time by providing an additional avenue for reaching those interested in enlisting, and streamlining the enlistment process.

Virtual Recruiters Access More Candidates

A virtual recruiter can access more candidates than internal hiring staff. For small employers or entrepreneurs who don’t have a full recruiting staff to dedicate to finding candidates for key positions, a virtual recruiter can help create a diverse applicant pool and recruit across a wide swath.

A virtual recruiter can create virtual open houses or job fairs to reach and interact with interested job candidates. Getting in front of candidates virtually allows employers to market their companies to potential employees without the expense of travel and time away from the business, and using a virtual recruiter to do so saves even more. It allows employers to identify and engage candidates from a distance and make connections that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

Conduct Virtual Interviews

A virtual recruiter conducting employment interviews may be a real recruiter working remotely and online, a hiring manager or supervisor invested in saving time and money in the hiring process, a recruitment process outsourcing representative, or an online pre-screening computer program designed to interact with candidates capture interview information. Virtual interviews are ideal for standardizing candidate screening with the same questions that are asked the same way of all candidates, ensuring compliance with employment and non-discrimination laws.

Virtual Recruiter Tools

There’s a wide range of virtual recruiter tools to automate or semi-automate the recruiting process and move it online for efficiency and cost savings. While a virtual recruiter probably can’t replace the in-person interview, virtual recruitment processes can add value to the recruitment and hiring process, especially at the screening stage. Online screens are particularly useful for getting consistent screening information from candidates to make decisions about which ones will go to the next level.

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Virtual interviews are also useful in hiring candidates for positions that use online and video technology on a regular basis, such as customer service, sales and business development, and marketing. These roles conduct business virtually and require employees who are comfortable and experienced in working this way.

Onboarding and Virtual Recruitment

A virtual recruiter with onboarding responsibilities has to take care in transitioning candidates into the workplace. New employees need a solid foundation of being introduced to the company, the supervisor, and the co-workers of the position to ensure high satisfaction and productivity from the start.

The virtual recruiter should use corporate culture and employer branding throughout virtual recruiting processes to support a successful onboarding process and candidate satisfaction. With social media and online technology such as Google Hangouts, Skype, and YouTube, candidates who have been recruited virtually can still “meet” people at the companies they will work with real-time video conferencing.

It’s important to take care with the onboarding process that follows virtual recruiting to prevent early turnover and losing the benefits of automation in recruiting. Although using a virtual recruiter can create some challenges in the recruiting process, it is an effective and efficient way to create a screening process and select top candidates to advance to face-to-face final round interviews, working interviews, or introductory panel interviews for the company or department to meet top candidates for selection.

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