How to Craft an Ideal Candidate Profile (With Examples)

Candidate Profiles

Companies always need to optimize their business processes, and few are as important as the hiring process. Part of hiring is knowing who, exactly, you’re looking for to fill a role. No, we don’t mean picking a specific person to try to headhunt or poach from a competitor, though that can certainly happen at the…

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10 Tips for Successfully Hiring Out of State Candidates

Hiring Out of State

Modern telecommunications allow companies to hire employees from pretty much anywhere in the world. Hiring foreign workers can be difficult due to language barriers, visa requirements, and other issues, but hiring out-of-state candidates within the United States is much easier. It still presents some unique challenges, however, and navigating those challenges is critical to making…

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18 Ways to Attract More Female Job Candidates

Females Illustration

Diversity in the workplace is incredibly important. Diverse life experiences, backgrounds, and educations are the core of a vibrant, innovative, and effective team. Diversity begins much earlier than many managers expect, however; everything from your job title to your requirements list to your targeted advertising plays a role. If you’re looking to attract more women…

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Sourcing Techniques to Find a Great Candidate

Recruiters are in the business of finding qualified candidates for open positions. It’s one of the basic aspects of the job, and recruiters have to know how to do it. Recruitment strategies depend on it. While everyone knows about LinkedIn and cold calling for sourcing, and most people know about Boolean search, there are newer…

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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Use LinkedIn InMail Templates

linkedin for recruiting

One of the most common concerns on the minds of recruiters is how to increase candidate response rates from LinkedIn InMails.  Recruiters know the problem all too well – candidates are inundated with calls, emails and InMails from recruiters, and so grabbing their attention becomes quite a challenge. My advice to increase your InMail response…

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The Recruiting Division is now

Well, it’s been a while since my last blog post. I have been exceptionally busy  making a number of incremental but impactful changes to our recruiting tools, team, and best practices – especially in regard to passive candidate sourcing.  But the biggest change over past few months has been our new company name.  Since 2009,…

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Why Employee Onboarding Matters

What happens during a new employee’s first day with your company? Is there a video involved? Lots of paperwork? Would employees describe it as a “bore-ientation?” Or is your new employee onboarding program designed to help new hires adjust to your company culture, work environment, and performance expectations from day one? That’s what Talya Bauer,…

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Employment Laws Every Human Resources Professional Should Know

Employers must conduct staffing in accordance with laws and regulations at the federal, state, and local levels to avoid discriminatory hiring practices. Employment laws regulate hiring and firing, wage and hour administration, and employment practices such as giving employees breaks, minimum employment age, and safe work environment. Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act…

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