What is Outsourced Recruiting?

As a successful owner of an RPO or Recruitment Processed Outsourcing firm, I often get asked just what outsourced recruiting really means. Wikipedia defines outsourced recruiting as a provider who acts as a company’s internal recruiting function for all or a portion of its jobs. While I agree with Wikipedia’s definition, I believe that an RPO is much, much more than that.

Defining the Recruitment Outsourcing Process

Like any outsourcing service in HR or recruitment, outsourced recruiting partners work directly with HR acting as one and helping to eliminate a process or program pain points or challenges that is cause a bottleneck in the department operating at maximum efficiency. Because what human resources does can be very broad providing a variety of services for the organization including payroll, benefits, employee relations as well as recruitment, it’s challenging to be an expert in all these areas at the same time. Outsourcing pieces of the department allows for the partner to specialize and focus their efforts driving immediate results, which in my case is through things like candidate quality, lowering cost per hire and sourcing candidates in less time. The benefit to using an outsourced recruiting firm is that you can tie these hiring metrics and results directly to your department’s bottom line.

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Depending on the company, outsourced recruiting companies either work as the company’s recruiting department or work to support a current group of recruiters focusing on specific pieces of the department like internet sourcing or on specific hard to fill positions. As an organization there is no right or wrong way to leverage or engage an outsourced recruiting company or program. It moves and flexes fluidly to meet your organization’s need and in real time.

Helping Organization’s Evolve, Innovate and Grow

A company not thinking about talent and recruitment is a company that isn’t prepared to grow, evolve and innovate. Outsourced recruiting can be a partner to help your organization grow offering a cost effective way that provides a focused, concentrated effort in the areas you need most.
Recruitment Process Outsourcing Demystified

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