Uncovering the Attributes of an Ideal Applicant Tracking System

The hiring process can be a challenging task for any organization. With the volume of applications, sorting through resumes and screening prospective hires can be a tedious and time-consuming process. This is where Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) come into the picture. An ATS is a web-based software solution that helps HR teams automate and streamline […]

Intellisense Systems

Intellisense Systems develops and manufactures advanced technologies that modernize Armed Forces through defense electronics and environmental monitoring systems.   Objectives Initial objective was to fill the gap for their only recruiter while she was on maternity leave for 4 months. They extended our services for a total of 8 months and added two recruiters on […]

Driving double-digit YoY growth in the highly competitive Information Technology space

Uptima approached ContractRecruiter for assistance in driving growth in 2019. They were struggling to keep up with key hires which was jeopardizing their ability to maintain 30%+ revenue growth. Because of how critical these hires were. Bill Butler (CEO) was closely involved in the search process. What made this search particularly challenging for Bill is […]

A Leader in Software Security Consulting

With over two decades of industry experience, this leader in Software Security Consulting has become a trusted provider for the world’s leading organizations. Specializing in software security, cloud services and mobile application protection, they reliably protect against risks associated with third-party or outsourced tech solutions – delivering peace of mind to clients around the globe.  […]

A Silicon Valley Technology Company

A SaaS technology company in Silicon Valley has made waves in the event industry. Providing solutions to globally recognized corporations, meeting management companies, and event producers, their SaaS platform offers highly advanced features like attendee management, event branding and facilitates social and mobile participation. Widening their reach even further, this cutting-edge company extends its service […]