Employee Retention and Attrition

Employee retention and attrition are significant challenges organizations face. Keeping talent boosts productivity, promotes greater engagement and ultimately drives revenue. Conversely, when employees leave, it impacts morale, increases stress and slows output. In addition, high turnover translates to significant expense — it costs businesses an estimated 33% of an employee’s annual salary to replace them. ContractRecruiter will help you focus on retention and attrition strategies to support your employees and business interests. 

Understanding Employee Retention and Attrition

The industry is experiencing a talent crunch. Organizations are frantically focusing on recruiting new talent to meet demands, leaving existing employees feeling neglected and looking for new roles and opportunities. 

The most effective way to retain employees is through promoting employee engagement to garner loyalty and reduce resignations. A high turnover rate lowers morale and causes more talent to leave. To manage attrition rates, you must focus on improving employee experience and workplace culture, which will have the dual benefit of building a reputation and work environment that attracts top talent.

Strategies for Improving Employee Turnover

Improving employee turnover will propel your business forward and enhance the employee experience. Ways to engage employees include:

  • Provide regular feedback
  • Promote work-life balance and well-being
  • Establish opportunities for skills development
  • Recognize and reward employee contributions
  • Focus on creating a positive work environment

Key Employee Attrition and Retention Trends

Trends and focus points for HR executives include:

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