If you’re in IT recruitment or employ IT professionals, you want to know where to find software developers. You’ll find them at events such as on-campus recruiting fairs at schools with great computer science programs, at IT conferences, or at IT networking events. You can look online and not only find software developers, but see them in action answering questions in forums, sharing code, and joining discussions. Five places to find software developers online are Google+ , Stack Overflow, JavaProgrammingForums.com, Dice, and GitHub.


Google+ is one of the favorite places of software developers online. It’s easy to get there and drop yourself right into the middle of a multitude of IT candidates. Go to the Google+ directoryand find the occupation sidebar on the left of the screen. Click on software engineer and browse profiles.

Check out YouTube recordings of Hangouts on Air for hangout sessions with software developers.

Invite promising candidates you see in recorded Google Hangouts into your Google circles, and provide tailored content to engage them and stay connected.

Be sure to “Circle” and “+1” the candidates you find to connect and stay connected with them through Google+.

Stack Overflow

Finding software developers on Stack Overflow is easy. Just visit the site and read through the top-rated answers to posted questions. There’s also a job posting component on Stack Overflow, and a Users Directory. Users are tagged by weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly participation on the site so you can easily see who is the most active on Stack Overflow .

This is a great place for IT recruitment professionals to spend some time and see how candidates interact online and how much they participate online and in social media. It’s also a great way to gauge their skills because their answers are voted on by others on the site.

Browse eBooks


One way to find and connect with niche candidates for IT recruitment is to hangout in forums like JavaProgrammingForums.com. If you’re looking for Java programmers, there are more than 20,000 of them here. Browse through questions and answers, review profiles to get an idea of programmers’ interests and passions, view site leaders, and see which programmers have the best communication skills by their blogs, videos, and articles.

If someone in IT recruitment needs a Java programmer with specific skills, a quick browse through the “What’s New?” section will show who is currently most active in the forum right now and what they’re helping people with or discussing with forum members. JavaProgrammingForums.com is a great free resource for IT recruitment.


GitHub bills itself as the “largest code host in the world,” giving developers a place to share code and collaborate on coding with three million users. It’s a popular open source code repository site with social networking functionality. GitHub has different areas for C, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Shell. IT recruitment professionals can find developers’ emails easily in GitHub, so when they see an outstanding developer in the language they need, it’s easy to find contact information. Another great source of information on developers in GitHub is the blogs that feature the latest projects of great IT candidates.


Dice.com is a technology job board site with talent communities that attract developers and other IT professionals. IT recruitment professionals can browse Dice for the types of developers they need, check out discussions to see what developers are talking about, and post developer jobs. Dice also offers 3 social recruiting options, 360 Engage, Social Edge, and Social Starter, to help IT recruitment professionals start social recruiting practices. Dice is also rolling out its new Open Web 9 social aggregation tool, which is a potent competitor to companies like SwoopTalent, HiringSolved, and TalentBin.

If you’re looking for places online to find software developers, these five sites are where they hangout, share information, work on projects, and get resources. Add to your candidate pool, find developers with the niche skills you need, and connect with the developer candidates qualified for your openings. As we all know, IT recruitment is no cake walk, but tools such as these may just well give you the edge that you have been looking for.


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