Applicant Management Solutions

Struggling To Keep Up With The Volume of Candidates Flowing Into Your Organization?

Finding talented, qualified candidates for your company can be a sizable task — especially if you work for a large corporation, you're filling a large volume of positions at once or you're crunched for time. After all, the process involves screening each applicant thoroughly while also maintaining peak efficiency — a combination of quantity and quality that can be difficult to navigate.

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Choosing the best candidates on your own — while you still maintain your business and focus on other pressing tasks — can be excessively challenging. Instead, you can lift this burden from your shoulders by contacting ContractRecruiter's seasoned corporate recruiters.

Our experts will rigorously review your applicants' readiness, qualifications and commitment to the position to help you make the best hiring choices.

Our Talent Management Solutions

Your employees are your organization's backbone. You're looking for qualified candidates who will bring positive personal and professional qualities to the organization— but in a sea of applicants, how do you find the ones who stand out?

ContractRecruiter's experience can help streamline the process. With the following solutions, we'll ensure your hiring managers see only the candidates who are the best fit for the role:

Resume and response management:

Whether you receive 20 applications for an open position or 2,000, we're here to tirelessly sort through each one to find top talent for your organization. We'll also send those often time-consuming response letters so that you don't have to.

Candidate screening:

By screening resumes and cover letters, checking references and online profiles, assigning trial projects and completing other candidate screening methods, we'll weed out unqualified candidates to leave you with the best talent for your open positions.

ATS maintenance:

Our recruiters can help enter and maintain applicant data in your ATS. We understand that attention to detail and accuracy of this information is critical to not only your team’s processes, but your organization as a whole.

Interview scheduling:

Eliminate the hassle of scheduling high volumes of interviews and potentially double-booking or mis-scheduling. We'll coordinate with you to schedule and keep track of interviews for your convenience.

Contact ContractRecruiter for Your Business's Applicant Management Solutions

Finding the best candidates quickly, effectively and cost-efficiently is possible with ContractRecruiter's convenient applicant management solutions. Let us help you grow your business — give us a call at 800-797-6160 or fill out the form below to get started.

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Flexible and scalable

Add or remove contract recruiters from your team real-time as hiring needs ebb and flow.

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