When the demand for staff grows bigger than a small human resource department can manage alone, a company will likely turn to an IT recruitment solution for support. Yet, there are several options available in contract recruiting, thanks to the number of contract and project-based recruiters available today. From independent IT recruitment firms to enterprise-level staffing agencies, the choice is based upon the unique needs of the business.

Before you make the choice between a solo contract recruiter and a team of virtual IT contract recruitment professionals, there are some things you should know. While these options may seem similar, they are actually very different, which can cost your company more in the long term if you don’t choose the right one.

Here’s a quick rundown of IT contract recruitment options, for you to evaluate what’s best for your business.

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Solo Contract Recruiter

  • Generally an individual who works alone in a specific niche industry for a period of time.
  • Paid a flat fee by the hour to source and screen IT candidates for your company.
  • Low volume IT recruitment ability, focused on one hire at a time.
  • When the recruiter is on vacation, sick, or otherwise unavailable, your job orders sit.
  • Limited access to recruiting resources outside of the client’s own job boards, applicant tracking systems, and screening tools.
  • Inability to radically scale weekly hours up and down, or continually stop and start service, as workflow peaks and diminishes.

Virtual Contract Recruitment Teams

  • A group of contract recruiters who use their collective skills and background to source quality candidates.
  • Paid a flat fee by the hour, but this fee gets the services of an entire team of professional recruiters with multiple insights and abilities.
  • In addition to being able leverage a client’s recruitment resources, access to advanced recruiting tools and proprietary job boards not available to solo recruiters.
  • Focus on scalable and flexible IT recruitment volume, based on client hiring peaks and valleys.
  • Mostly off-site work processes, but may be available for on-site staffing support if needed.
  • Your job orders are handled by the most qualified members of the recruitment team, based upon the specifics of each individual position.

If you are looking for the most value for your IT recruitment dollars, consider that for the same hourly contract rate you could be paying a single recruiter, you could be getting an entire team of dedicated and reliable recruiters from ContractRecruiter to handle all your IT staffing needs. You also have the benefit of working with a group of IT recruiters who have handled a wider range of recruitment processes, staffed in many more industries, and have a pool of resources at their disposal to get you the best candidates.

Find out how ContractRecruiter’s team of IT recruiters can do more for your business this year. Download one of our eBooks today.

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