More Out-of-the-Box Recruiting Strategies

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It’s difficult to stand out and attract applicants when recruiting in a highly competitive market. Technology executives from Forbes Technology Council say locating and attracting talent, resume distrust, the need for quick hiring decisions, and geographic constraints have been the top recruiting challenges faced in 2016. Using innovative and creative recruiting tactics, and finding ways to work out-of-the-box, makes it faster and easier to find and connect with the active and passive candidates you need in your workforce.


Ask for Reviews

You may not think company review sites like Glassdoor have a place in your recruiting strategy, but Centric Consulting LLC’s Mike Brannan does. As part of showcasing their company culture, Centric Consulting asks employees to put their reviews on Glassdoor. They believe it’s a good way for candidates to get to insight into the jobs and the culture.


Quit the Cover Letters

No one really has time to read through pages and pages of cover letters and resumes anymore. Jenn Steele, Head of Growth at RecruitLoop, says one of the innovative screening techniques they suggest is asking for resumes without cover letters. They suggest asking to “describe in 100 words or less” why candidates want to work for your company and why they are a good match for the position to more quickly and easily assess candidate interest and creativity.


Targeted Text Ads

Get creative with your recruiting message like Restaurant Binnen in the Netherlands. They needed new dishwashers, not the most sought-after position in the restaurant industry. Their creative text solution? They printed beer and wine glasses with a red lipstick impression and their simple “help wanted” message: “Restaurant Binnen is looking for dishwashers.” Their customers were exposed to their hiring need and their opening was communicated at the restaurant and with their customer base’s network. This kind of creative solution applies to almost any recruiting challenge. Need car salespeople at your car dealership? Print your opening on paper car mats used on test drives. Need pizza delivery drivers? Print it on your pizza boxes. Need cashiers in your retail establishment? Print it on the bags you use for customer purchases.


Schedule a Call

Creative College Recruiting

Business employers aren’t the only ones benefiting from highly creative recruiting tactics. Colleges are doing more than sending out recruitment brochures. Illinois Institute of Technology offered free iPads to incoming undergraduate freshman to attract students. University of New Haven Business School offered free tuition to a student with an outstanding entrepreneurial idea. BTH, a technology school in Switzerland, sent a mailing to students at competing technical universities with cell phone parts to assemble. Properly assembled phones gave the message “Hi! You seem to be technical. Call us at BTH. 0455385040.”


Make Them See It

When IKEA needed thousands of applicants for a new superstore in Springvale, Australia in 2011, their recruitment campaign focused on local residents and highlighted the benefits of working close to home. Using a GPS-enabled mobile billboard with Google Maps displaying time and distance to the new store, the store quickly and publicly communicated its employment value to candidates. This creative strategy garnered over 4,000 applications for 280 openings.


Use Your Product to Get Applicants

Microsoft used search engine Bing’s homepage to hide its job ad. For those technically-inclined Internet users on Internet Explorer with the browser debug settings enabled, a popup question asks “Do you want to debug this webpage?” Running the IE developer tools console brings up another popup question with the main recruiting message “Interested in creating experiences? Apply today.”


Today’s recruiting requires a comprehensive strategy that must include highly creative tactics to find and engage candidates. Targeted and creative doesn’t have to be expensive, but it’s always highly effective. Get the recruiting results you need with the kinds of creative tactics described here. The alternative? The candidates go to your competition and your workforce goes undeveloped. Start working on your out-of-the-box recruiting strategies today.

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  1. Kevin Aniston on February 9, 2017 at 7:53 am

    I liked all your out-of-box recruiting strategies especially the Targeted Text Ads. It’s the most convincing thing to attract applicants to any job vacancy; no matter how boring it is. Truly, when the description is written creatively and posted in the right place, then applicants will be interested even they search for that particular job or not. But the companies should never forget to conduct a background check on the applicants before hiring to keep the organization safe always.

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