02G69886There’s a new breed of HR professionals on the scene that are driving the conversation and the bottom line in human resources. HR analysts around the world have insights that employers, recruiters, and human resource professionals of all stripes can use to get to the head of the line in recruiting, employer branding, and employee engagement.

HR analysts write about HR software, industry events, and movements and trends in the HR and recruiting industry. They analyze the multitude of data that HR generates. They need real-world experience in buying and implementing HR technology and running HR, as well as experience in human capital management and big data. They research the data and the industry, interview major players, and share their findings through speaking engagements, writing, and workshops. It pays to pay attention to HR analysts.

Why? According to Bersin by Deloitte, organizations that use people analytics have higher ranking employment brands and out-perform competitors in recruiting where it really counts: quality of hire, retention, and leadership results. Even if your company doesn’t have an HR analyst, you can follow leading HR analysts on their blogs and on Twitter to get the insight and inspiration and real results they create from data today.

Trish McFarlane



Trish McFarlane, aka the HR Ringleader, is the CEO of H3 HR Advisors and CEO/co-founder of HRevolutionize, LLP. Her analyst expertise includes leadership development, talent acquisition and management, change management, innovation, and more. She’s talking and writing about taking professional risks, The Science of Effective Apologies, how to make workplaces more human, robust recruiting strategies, and employee financial wellness. Here’s an analyst that is talking about stretching and growing and leaving the workplace a little better than you found it.

Holger Mueller


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Holger Mueller has big ideas. About the cloud, next generation applications, and atomic data levels. Intrigued yet? You should be. This is the domain of the near tomorrow for human resources. As VP and Principal Analyst for Constellation Research, Mueller is talking about the future of work, tech optimization, and innovation. With a background with NorthgateArinso, SAP, FICO, Oracle, and Kiefer & Veittinger, he’s very well versed in HR tech and how companies are using it. Follow him and see if you can keep up with the latest HR technology and its impact on us all.

John Sumser



John Sumser writes about people, technology, ideas, and leadership in human resources and human capital. He advises human resources, talent management, and recruiting professionals about market segmentation, product analysis, positioning, strategy, and branding. Sumser is all about hiring success in the shifting sands of today’s economic realities and job market. He’s been working with technology since the late 70s and regularly talks and writes about how technology is shaping recruiting, changing economies, and altering the nature of work. Talk about taking the long view and thinking about the big picture.

When you want or need to be on the cutting edge and advance your human resource and recruiting strategies almost exponentially, turn to HR analysts. Listen to what they are saying and read what they are writing to get inspiration, learn about innovation, and add the latest and greatest to your human resources conversation.

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