Don’t leave your LinkedIn profile as a static, closed channel. Use LinkedIn for recruiting candidates by getting proactive and working your LinkedIn account on a regular basis.

LinkedIn is the number one social media platform used by professionals and is a source of almost unlimited new candidate contacts with over 200 million members in 200 countries. Approximately two new members join LinkedIn every second. More than 2.6 million companies are on LinkedIn Company Pages from top industries including financial services, higher education, computer software, and telecommunications. Regular LinkedIn activity with a focus on finding quality candidates gets results.

Make a LinkedIn Action Plan

Plan to use LinkedIn for recruiting and candidate sourcing by mapping out how you’ll use it. Develop an action plan with specific activities in LinkedIn to gather contact information about qualified candidates, announce hiring plans, ask for referrals, and develop a wider candidate pool. Add LinkedIn for recruiting activities to your daily, weekly, and monthly planners to ensure you are consistently focusing on the most popular social media platform used by working professionals.

Build Your LinkedIn Network

Use your LinkedIn network for recruiting candidates. To get the maximum candidate exposure from LinkedIn, build your network. Don’t have a passive LinkedIn profile with fewer than 50 contacts. Continuously add to your contacts with the goal of becoming a super user with 500+ contacts. The more contacts you have in LinkedIn, the more people see your updates and broadcasts, and the more opportunities you have to connect with qualified candidates.

Get Active on LinkedIn Groups

Maximize your ability to use LinkedIn for recruiting by becoming active on a few relevant LinkedIn Groups to keep an ongoing conversation and build your talent pool. Add valuable content about group topics and create conversation. Build some relationships with prospective candidates before recruiting campaigns are live. Become an interesting source of good information to attract and get to know the kind of candidates you need.

Turn On Activity Broadcasts and Update Often

Turn on activity broadcasts in your profile and let your network know what you’re working on regularly by sharing updates. If you’re looking for engineering managers, send an update to your network about it. If your company is staffing its customer service call center next month, let your network know how many experienced call center representatives you want to interview. Be sure to provide specifics about the candidates you are looking for, including knowledge, skills, and abilities required, years of experience, and key responsibilities of the positions you need to fill.

Ask for Candidate Referrals

If you truly want to be successful using LinkedIn for recruiting, then you absolutely must ask your LinkedIn network for candidate referrals and follow up with both referrers and those who’ve been referred. Be specific when asking for referrals, using phrasing such as “Looking for local engineering talent in the Manhattan area for our growing engineering consultancy.” Close the link and let candidates know who referred them to you in LinkedIn, and thank referring network contacts for the candidate referral.

Be an active LinkedIn user and use LinkedIn for recruiting by widening your candidate pool, building relationships, and letting your network know about your recruiting activities. If you’re not actively using LinkedIn, you are missing out on the opportunities provided by 200 million career-oriented users worldwide.


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