Maybe you don’t realize it, but unless your company is a worldwide business with a large talent acquisition unit, you should ponder the need to outsource recruiting.

Here at The Recruiting Division, we keep our eye on the latest recruiting and human resources trends and techniques because they save money and produce superior results. We’ve seen many companies that lag behind the curve with owners and hiring managers stuck in a recruiting rut because they just don’t have the time to learn or implement the newest recruiting methods.

That’s where outsourcing recruiting can pay off. When there isn’t a large staff or resources for recruiting, but there’s a critical need for sourcing and hiring top candidates to build a qualified workforce, using a recruitment firm like The Recruiting Division saves money and gets the hiring results businesses need to support growth and profitability. It allows busy owners and managers to focus on core revenue-generating functions while the recruiter finds qualified candidates.

But that’s not the most important reason you need to outsource recruiting.

You’re Taking Too Long

How long does it take you to hire candidates? The best candidates may be gone long before you have a chance to talk to them. If you’re not using newer effective recruitment strategies like mobile recruitment and video interviewing, if you don’t have a candidate pool to draw from, if you depend on your VPs and managers to hire your workforce, outsourcing recruiting is the way to speed up your hiring process now.

There are a lot of ways to improve and speed up recruiting, but if you don’t have the resources to develop a streamlined recruiting strategy, let an experienced recruiter do it. You need qualified workers for business success and when you don’t have enough time and attention for recruiting while building a new or growing business, outsourcing recruiting makes sense.

You Need Access to Talent

When you can’t dedicate experienced recruiting staff to find and hire qualified candidates, and you don’t have a solid sourcing strategy, you’re not going to have access to the talent you need. A growing business needs to be in touch with candidates when there is fast unexpected growth, or when a new large account requires extra hands on the project.

There isn’t time anymore to conduct long, drawn-out recruiting campaigns when the pace of business and recruiting is almost the same as an Internet search and a phone call. An outsourced recruiting strategy provides a connection to a talent pool that would take a long time to develop otherwise.

There Aren’t Enough Top Recruiters

Dr. John Sullivan, recruiting and HR thought leader, says the changing recruiting landscape has led to an unexpected shortage of top recruiters. He claims that recruiter training and development hasn’t kept pace with the changes in the economy, technology, mobile access, and recruiting techniques in the last seven years, leading to a lack of recruiters with knowledge of and experience in cutting edge recruiting.

Sullivan explains that recruiters and hiring managers are unprepared to keep pace with the rapid changes in recruiting and deal with today’s candidates and competition in the job market because of insufficient recruiter training and development. This creates a huge challenge for employers who need effective recruiting for a qualified workforce but don’t have the resources or recruiting talent to make it happen.

The challenge of finding and hiring an experienced recruiter will become more of a problem because of the proliferation of new recruiting techniques and technologies, skills shortages, and intense hiring competition that will only increase. The shortage of top recruiters is the main reason you need consider outsourcing recruiting.

The Challenges of IT Recruiting

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