Recruiting Tips and Secrets from the Masters

Recruiting is a complicated process that requires matching employers and job seekers who often have differing ideas of what they want and need from a working relationship. The recruitment process includes activities such as analyzing the job requirements and company culture, attracting candidates to companies and positions, screening and selecting candidates, and hiring and onboarding new employees. Effective talent acquisition results in finding and hiring the best-qualified candidates for job openings in a timely and cost-effective manner.

To be successful and stay competitive, effective recruiters must keep up with the latest talent acquisition and employment trends and recruiting technologies. They can do this by learning some recruiting tips from those that are considered Masters in the recruiting industry. Some of the time honored masters who have a wealth of experience to share are Lou Adler, Shally Steckerl, Danny Cahill, Glen Cathey, and Dr John Sullivan.

Lou Adler

Lou Adler has more than 30 years of experience in the recruiting industry. His expertise in all areas of the recruiting process, as well as his incredible resources at and, and his two books on recruiting, “Hire With Your Head” and “The Essential Guide for Hiring & Getting Hired” make him an invaluable recruiting resource.

His take on recruiting today? Not much is really different, despite the rise of new tools like social networks and new analytical tools. He says most companies still focus their recruiting efforts on active candidates although they want to hire top candidates who are not actively looking for jobs.

One of his top recruiting tips? Improve the quality of hires. By making “quality of hire” your primary recruiting metric, you can reduce recruiting costs and shorten time-to-fill.

Shally Steckerl

Shally Steckerl specializes in advanced sourcing techniques. He also teaches as an Associate Adjunct Faculty member at Temple University Fox School of Business. His recruiting businesses include 4sct, The Sourcing Institute, and Top Echelon. Shally’s best known recruiting tips emphasizes sourcing smarter, faster, and cheaper than the competition, and he works hard to teach others how to do it.

One of Steckerl’s top recruiting tips has nothing to do with the actual mechanics of sourcing. He advises selling the value of sourcing to upper management by calculating the cost of open positions, as well as identifying what motivates upper management and focusing on that. For example, estimate revenue and productivity lost per day of open positions to convince management that sourcing is essential to the financial health of the business. If management’s pain points include recruiting confidentiality and cost reduction, show how consistent quality sourcing improves those issues.

Danny Cahill

Danny Cahill, another living legend in recruitment, is a Hobson Associates search firm owner, as well as owner of online training and mentoring company He is also an accomplished author, playwright and magazine and TV writer.

One of Cahill’s recruiting tips for today’s competitive job market is to woo the candidate. He reminds recruiters and employers that today’s job market is candidate-driven, and it’s important to know what candidates want and be sure to provide it. The consequences are losing top talent.

How to woo candidates? Treat them as special guests of your company when they come to interview.

  • Don’t reschedule the interview.
  • Make candidates a priority in the interview. That means not allowing yourself to be interrupted, not checking your cell phone or email, and not stepping out of the interview.
  • Explain the position, work environment, and company culture, but don’t complain about dysfunctional work groups or how hard the job is to do.
  • Be sure to follow up after the interview and stay in touch, even if you are going with another candidate.

Glen Cathey

Glen Cathey is a recruiting industry veteran with more than 15 years of recruiting expertise. His specialties include talent attraction, engagement and attraction, and sourcing and recruiting. Cathey shares recruiting insights at, where he discusses MoneyBall Recruiting, talent mining, Boolean queries, semantic search, and all things sourcing.

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Cathey shares sourcing techniques for how to find email addresses, how to perform diversity recruiting on LinkedIn, how to source talent on social media such as Facebook’s Graph Search, and how to understand Boolean search operators and query modifiers.

Take advantage of Cathey’s extensive recruiting tips and resources at to quickly learn how to perform a multitude of effective recruiting techniques.

Greg Savage

Greg Savage is a 30 year global, award-winning recruiting industry veteran, founder of several recruiting companies, and staffing conference speaker. He provides business consulting, training, and coaching, as well as thought leadership on recruiting, from

Savage’s recruiting tips for employers hiring a recruiter is to find candidates who:

1. Are digital natives – they need to be able to search for candidates increasingly through electronic means.
2. Have great networks that demonstrate an ability to connect – it’s an art and skill to be able to connect and sell.
3. Can write well and develop a personal brand so candidates and clients can find them and understand them.

Dr. John Sullivan

Dr. John Sullivan has been called the Michael Jordan of hiring by FastCompany for his thought leadership on HR and recruiting. called him “the Father of HR Metrics.” He is a top influencer in Talent Management, and his website is a wealth of recruiting tips for employers, hiring managers, recruiters, and job applicants.

One of Dr. Sullivan’s many valuable recruiting tips is to ask your top performers for employee referrals. He cites a study published in Personnel Psychology that shows top performers produce higher quality referrals than other referrals. He advises prioritizing employee referral sources by asking top performers for referrals, taking advantage of their higher business impact for recruiting.

Use recruiting tips from recruiting industry masters who have the in-depth experience and knowledge that recruiters need for the best hiring results. Apply the expert recruiting techniques and insights from the best in the industry who have their fingers on the pulse of recruiting methods, trends, and technologies.


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