After the viral success of our infographic, “The Complete A to Z Guide to Recruiting Smart,” Andy did an interview with Dr. Tracey Wilen, author of “Employed for Life: 21st Century Career Trends”.

In the interview, Andy does a deep dive into the problems of employee-employer mismatch. Andy and Tracey discuss how choosing the right hires from the outset and avoiding the wrong ones is the key to employee retention, satisfaction and productivity.

In this 30-minute video packed with juicy recruiting tips, you’ll learn:

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  • [1:30] How an employer can tell in advance if a candidate will fit into the company culture.
  • [3:40] Why an employer should never ask yes or no questions at the interview – and what to ask instead.
  • [5:00] What questions a candidate should ask the interviewer to increase his chances of staying happily employed.
  • [8:00] How to use gamification to attract the right candidates (with examples from Marriott and L’Oreal).
  • [11:00] What creates a successful employee referral program.
  • [16:07] The top reasons why new hires fail (mind-blowing stat: 46% of new hires leave or are fired within 18 months!)
  • [20:00] How to hire top performers and avoid low performers.
  • [22:36] Innovative online tools for recruiting.
  • [25:40] How to use YouTube to attract candidates who will mesh well with your company.
  • [29:45] What Generation Z and millennials are looking for in a workplace.

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