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7 Ways a Virtual Recruiter Can Improve ROI

ROI is just one benefit a virtual recruiter brings to your business. In this rapidly changing business climate, the ability to hire top quality candidates can be a major challenge for talent acquisition professionals. This is due to shortages in certain specialist fields, such as IT, and the never-ending barrage of underqualified candidates. A good…

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The Connection Between Human Resources and Virtual Recruiters

Did you know that very often a virtual recruitment team can become a Human Resource manager’s best friend? It’s true! Recruiters who work virtually often partner with HR professionals who are either stretched too thin to handle all the areas of recruitment well, or they need just a little extra help with finding specialist candidates…

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Using Video Staffing Solutions to Recruit More Effectively

Imagine being able to not only review the resumes and portfolios of potential candidates, but also being able to present candidates in a virtual face-to-face interview? Alternatively, what if you could provide a syndicated introduction of your company and that of your recruiting clients on the world’s top video social network? The good news is…

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